This is not Berlin

This is not Berlin, this is Brussels, after visiting Berlin, an exhibition with paintings, drawings, sculptures, pictures and other artworks connected to Berlin in the 1920ies, early 30ies.

View of De Kunstberg, Brussels. Godfrey is behind me.

Picture at the exit of the Fine Arts museum. Statue of Godfrey of Bouillon in the middle, with the Coudenberg palace on the left. The original palace where Philip the Good & I suppose the Bold in his younger years too sometimes resided burned down a long time ago but you can visit the cellars or something. I haven’t done this yet. The royal palace of our wooden planks king and queen is behind it.. The picture is fuzzy but it’s a place connected to the research I am doing right now, so I wanted to post it anyway.

Part II of our field trip to Brussels. Some of us went to the Klimt exhibition. I chose for the other group. The exhibition Berlin, tbh, was not really my cup pf tea. I like art deco and Metropolis but the German art of this period, such as Otto Dix, and similar is ugly and depressing. It was also very cold in the rooms (I know why they called the palace that way now – it translates as cold mountain). On top of that my ticket wouldn’t scan and I had problems with the cloakroom locker. No time left for Antoine after this visit.

I am still trying to define how I am going to paint the second – the red – portrait of Charles, which is the one based on all the input of other paintings, biographies etc. Photorealistically (hard without a model)? Medieval? Expressionist? I am going to experiment a little in the coming days. I have seen a portrait of an evil man at the exhibition but in a style I really liked. I didn’t take any pictures there except that one.

This is part II of the report about our field trip to Brussels. It’s already late and I need some time to write the report. Let’s say more accidents and dukes were involved.


So where did all the leaves go?

Another hectic day at the Asylum with some more accidents, but no police this time.  We had some visitors on our first day of opening but no stampede. We’re not in the most obvious place so we expected a calm day anyway.

I am very proud of my small The Ducks of Burgundy section of the garage sale. It includes many, many (wooden) ducks and other birds, some books about Burgundy the land, about Burgundian cooking, wine and even a Burgundian record:

I have placed Antoine in the middle of the section, though he’s not really a duke, just a big bastard (literally) but he seemp happy. I have also set up a little 18+ corner where all the kinky and occult stuff will go that has not been unpacked yet. Quite looking forward to expanding that section.

At home I watched a couple YouTube Selfhelp Haircut videos and had a  daring but not very well planned go at cutting my own hair. I had Italian renaissance in mind but it came out as Lorenzo il Scarecrow instead of Lorenzo il Magnifico. I scared at least one woman when I went outside afterwards, so I think it’s pretty bad. I dare not look into the mirror. Ah, it will grow back eventually.

No artwork to show. It’s already late so just one more sketch may.be

I am very, very tired.

I have walked 500 miles and  I will walk 500 more…


Les ducks de Bourgogne and other accidents

Friday update of Wednesday,

I had a very chaotic and tiring day involving 2200 kg of paper, heavy furniture, trapped nerves, minor car accidents and a police intervention but let’s not dwell on that.

The Duchy is pleased to announce that it has annexed a little county where we (it’s a joint venture) will be selling superfluous booty from our years of raping and pillaging the surrounding lands. The moat is clogged, the portcullis is jammed, the old loot has to go. According to the agreement that was signed and sealed earlier this week, the annexation starts on Saturday and will end a month later. More details to follow.  I will be spending quite some time supervising the newly annexed county. I will refer to this location as the Asylum, as it is in a semi-abandoned building and the corridors are the type where after dark creepy little girls wander around with bloody steak knives in their tiny hands.

Eerie deserted hallways

The locals know where this is. Feel free to check us out.  We’re in C. But keep in mind we’ve still got tons of stuff to do to make everything look more attractive and not so much a squatter’s paradise.

I may exhibit some paintings as well (not for sale). Lazarus, an angel and Antoine with the arrow through his head are already sleeping there. The Bold is grounded, not that he’s been naughty of late but apart from little girls there are also arsonists and vandals roaming the eerie hallways. (When I’m focused on something I always go into some weird Gollem My Precious Mine Alone mode until the matter has been resolved. Can’t help it.)

We’ve also got tons of ducks from the moat for grabs. I have already baptised them ‘Les ducks de Bourgogne’.

Still need to create some flags and banners, it’s going to be a short night.

Didn’t have a lot of time for painting alas. Tomorrow I’ll be at the Asylum as well for most of the day.  On Sunday I’m off to Brussels on a field trip.

Added some layers on a few paintings at the Duchy. Didn’t start anything new apart from a small copy of an Alexander miniature in acrylics. I am painting this at home.

Finally started reading the library books about the Bold. They were due but I extended the deadline. I only got as far as the introduction. Maybe it would be simpler just to buy them somewhere.

Didn’t actively pursue the side quest. Still progressed in the most bizarre way. But more about that later.


Skill sets

When you go for a job interview they always talk about skill sets.  Well, painting copper/brass objects is a special skill set that I do not master yet. I’m trying to paint a pestle but it’s not going anywhere. Half of the blame lies with the crappy canvas board so I think I’ll just throw it away and start anew.

I am quite jealous of the candelabras in Jan de Bray’s David playing the harp

Art school: still painting a couple small paintings and a larger landscape. (Bosch update on the pages)

Spent some time at the Duchy putting some more layers on a few canvases, including Louis IX and the Bold.

I am working on the wood panel now. Theoretically I should have used a grey/white underpainting but I went for umber as the originals have yellowed over time and hope for the same effect. I am not sure how it’s going to come out but I’m learning as I go along, so it’s not a waste of time.

After going through a whole lot of portraits from all time periods I have selected three portraits of the Bold which seem similar enough to use as a base reference. (I should have studied something more useful such as forensics instead of useless medieval romances and knight tales).

Here are two of the contestants that didn’t make it:

a) Carolus Sansevieria (it’s a shame I already have a pseudonym)

b) Charles the Poodle

The final selection:

a) the van der Weyden copy

I already posted this a few times, so I am not going to post it again

b) a supposed/possible crypto portrait as John the Evangelist from a last judgment triptych by Memling

b) Charles the Haggard of the Many Chins, a later copy of a 1474 portrait located at Dijon. Look at the size of that sheep!

If you ignore the details, they’re quite similar. Eye colour brown in the  last two

Aaaaaaaandddd…. this whole post was just a very lame excuse to post that poodle.


Your faithless servant

Maugis the Bewitched