This is probably the last one about the Goes book. I finished it yesterday, though I admit I skipped some parts that were of less interest to me. I did have a closer look at the Bonkin piece, which is in a museum in Edinburgh. It looks odd, like it was done by somebody else in places. The book contains pictures with enlarged details of the painting and the kneeling priest and the faces of St Andreas and St George are quite good, though. So, mystery. Also, what was the link between Hugo and Scotland? Portinari was in Bruges, sucking up to Charles and ruining his bank by doing this (yeah, incompetent bank managers and bad credit, a rare thing) This one also made me think of the Medici Virgin, supposedly by Rogier, with its long thin, rather stiff characters.

Talking about Portinari. His face looks odd in the Portinari triptych. It looks like some of the faces on the Seven Sacraments by Rogier van der Weyden. I learned a while ago that that was because they were painted on foil and added later on. Did this happen with the Portinari one too? Or was the painting damaged? Forgot to check this but it’s not vital for reconstructing the life of the tournament dude and I have other things to do first.

I lay awake for a while thinking about a new painting, could link it to an art school assignment perhaps. I want to base it on the almost last words by Charles the Bold but I ran into a hurdle. There is another post in this, so that’s for later. I am beginning to sound like the news with all their cliffhangers.

I banned the Parsifal painting to the attic. I don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes it is better to leave things alone for a while.