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WIP – one more digital

Digital doodle, loosely based on the copy of the 1474 Dijon painting of the Bold, in which he looks rather scruffy.

WIP – Digital sketches

Sometimes it’s easier to do rough sketches digitally, takes a little longer but no paper is wasted but changes are easier/

Some sketches for some near future paintings in the Bold series. Rough because they are not based on any reference files.

Today I have done a third digital sketch but it doesn’t want to upload for some obscure reason (sigh) so I’ll post it on instagram instead.

Work done

Work done and put away for now. Will probably tweak later on.

Battle of Ilion

Antoine with the arrow (through his head)


Overpainted failed painting (small format).

The Bold riding a Boar

This was for a bet, so not going to spend too much time on it.


Overpainted an old still life of my grandmother with a scene from a documentary about Guido Gezelle. The documentary was filmed at my grandparents’ house.

Nemrut Dagi

Small format. Nemrut Dagi is an old burial place in Greek style somewhere on a mountain in Turkey.

Working on: a small portrait of our cat, Oscar, Monthléry, Eric incapacitated, a small study of Apollo flaying Marsyas by Ribera.

I bought a painting at the thrift store with the intention to paint over it but I probably will keep it the way it is. It looks like a naive Breugel. It is about 50 x 40 cm.

In a couple weeks we have our end of year exhibition. I will post some samples of my paintings around that time. I’m entering my 4th year, so play time is over and I’ll have to raise my standards. I will have to choose a general theme for next year but I already know what I am going to paint.

My back is slowly killing me.


Reconstruction in Progress.

It looks like the blogging part/section/feature of WordPress is more or less dead. Even worse, it is overrun with meaningless and annoying spam. Thus I will not continue blogging here in the traditional sense and maintain this as a portfolio site.

Quick and dirty updates of WIP and the quest to be found on Instagram.

WIP – Il Moro

Setting the scenes for two new paintings (one is an assignment). I had a good excuse to spend some time at the toy store this afternoon and play with the cannons and crossbows afterwards.


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