The behind of Bacchus – Engraving after Michelangelo’s sculpture

Just a quick or not so quick post with random ramblings.

Painting/drawing: Yesterday I spent the evening sorting out some paperwork with half an eye and ear directed vs the tv where a football match some extreme bus parking was going on.  In the afternoon I cleared out the remainder of my painting gear. The finished works have been wrapped up so they can be stored in the attic for the time being, apart from one unfinished painting showing the inside of a train. I wasn’t happy with it and I don’t like to waste materials so I’m going to paint over it.  Drew some sketches as well. Last year was a bit of  a lost year but that’s how life goes.

Exhibition visits: The trip to go and see the Caravaggios in Antwerp has been postponed due to a) train strikes b) me being ill.  It will happen during the last week of July, probably.

The quest for the Holy Grail: I haven’t discovered the Grail yet, the latest old thing I figuratively unearthed was  a 4 year old water bottle that had rolled under the passenger seat of my car.  Now, my car is clean and empty apart from the obligatory fluo jackets, medkit and fire extinguisher so I don’t know how that escaped my attention. Furthermore, I haven’t read the Shroud of Turin book. I read Gardner’s book about Mary Magdalen first. I have never read so much rubbish in one book, tbh. There’s three more Gardners I have to wade through plus a whole lot of other digital versions of obscure books and papers about Sumer, RLC and the likes that I downloaded from Gutenberg and co (legally, I hope, you never know). The most promising book on my e-reader atm, however, is a 300 year old book about Mesopotamia. But that is for another post.

Writing: some field work coming up in the near future. For another post.

The art of others:  Roberto Ferri is still showing up in the searches on this site. I have been following him for quite some time now but the better he gets at painting on a technical level, the less I’m impressed with what  exactly he is painting. It’s supposed to be dark and surreal, but his paintings are becoming very contrived, lifeless and boring, with awful school picture backgrounds. The moment he figuratively went down the drain for me was the moment when he presented his own perfume on Instagram. Lol.

Anyway, there was a message on his Instagram announcing  a group exhibition in the Crazy March gallery. I checked the other artists out and most of their work looked quite drab to me, except for this amazing – and heavily influenced by Bosch, I guess- painter. I am not familiar with Italian copyright laws, so here is just the link, instead of pictures:

Alessandro Sicioldr

That’s all for now, folks.