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WIP for this week

A quick one before I go back to painting. I spent too much time on researching badgers today.

Here are the paintings I’m working on. Most of them will look familiar. I paint in thin layers so all of them are taking forever. Note that the pictures were taken in the evening in a fairly dark room so the colours are a bit off. I went to pick up some medium in the paint store yesterday which I should have done a long time ago. It’s something in between thinner and oil but we don’t use it with the watersoluble paints in the atelier. It makes painting with real oils a lot easier and it smells good. The only thing I don’t understand is why the manufacturer put it in a bottle with a small opening because it is a gel and it doesn’t flow so you have to scoop it out somehow. These sort of design failures are the ones that drive me crazy.

1 The panel of C the B.

I’m a little bit further than this. I have redone some bits more than a few times. The problem is that the van der Weyden looks rather cartoonish is and then I want to change things which is never a good idea. At some point everything will be off that way.

2 The Larper

No work done on this one this week.

3 Antoine

A little bit of work done on the face, now he has to dry up again.

4 The battle of Ilion

Working on the background before I do the figures.

5 Gulielmus Burgundus

I have no words for this, it’s so terrible HA HA HA

And two new paintings, both 60 by 80. Both very rough wild first layers.

6 Oscar

Based on a 100 year + picture of a local actor. It’s more 17th century I think.

7 Animo Inquieto

This is part of the C t B series I’m doing, the B having a mental breakdown. Not sure yet where this is going to go. I am not going to put badgers in this one.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have posted that portrait of Moore first. The contrast is huge, he he.

Thomas Moore

Every time I come across this portrait of Thomas Moore by Holbein, I just want to give up and change to passive knitting or something similar.

Saint Martin

This is the most unusual portrait of Saint Martin I’ve come across so far. First of all he looks fairly female. Secondly, the beggar is taller than him, even though the saint is sitting on a horse with bad acne. This is a fresco from the San Marti church in Puigbo (Spain). The fresco dates from the 12th century.

The more common images of Saint Martin depict him as either a man in fancy contemporary clothes or (more true to the original saint) as a soldier in Roman armour, with the begaar leaning on a stick and looking up, such as this one:

Image from Wikipedia

Richard and Thrifter

Working on the painting of a suit of armour, Antoine, Ilion and the B. Doing research for a 3D Bold piece. Overpainting the Alexander miniature because canvas is not a good base for painting miniatures, so it appears.

During a previous lunch hour doodled another portrait on an index card. Risjaar modderfokker den derde, or in short Richard III. It’s the one whose skeleton was found under a parking lot. The background is a print of an old book, not sure which one.

Also went shopping for some tops as my old ones were falling apart (I only wear 10% of my wardrobe on a daily basis, the rest is ahm, weird and eclectic as I often shop at the end of the sales, in the thrift store and/or handcrafted/modified stuff.

Fashion is fairly Burgundian this winter with lots of patterned velvet and glitter but most of it looks quite tacky. I did buy two new shirts, same one in black and white, looking like a crossover between renaissance and pirate:

Also bought a simple black top and a silver one that looks like chainmail if you look at it from a distance of 50 yards and with severe cataract.

Couldn’t find a new decent coat in the shops – not fond of kakhi anoraks – but in the thrift store I came across a black short jacket that had a renaissance/Burgundian feel to it. On checking the label it appears to be from an Italian company. (These days that doesn’t mean anything, though). 

That and a Robin Hoodish black top with laces on the side.

Now I’m going to shoot a leek in the wild and eat something.

Not my ancestors: The Demon Chicken of Kiev

In the series Not My Ancestors today: The Demon Chicken of Kiev

The demon chicken of Kiev, not to be confused with a chicken Kiev, terrorised the earth around 1666.

This chicken was so demonic that when people saw it, they immediately fell to their knees and kissed its hooves, and begged for their lives to  be spared.

The reign of the Demon Chicken came to an end when a meteorite fell from the sky and crushed it to death.

I am not related to this chicken in any way. The chicken died without offspring.


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