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Black chariots

Before the Easter break I painted a lot in the atelier of the art school, all small studies, mostly of knights, but I didn’t take pictures of them. At home I painted nothing that I didn’t throw away or overpainted. A loss of confidence, I guess.

I spent most of my time going through old records and trying to reconstruct the history of the ones that were before me but it’s hard to go back to Burgundian times. I’ve got the maps laid out. Next week, if my nerve doesn’t play up, there may be a small road trip.

Anyway, it is definitely true that one line used to live in the area of a really cool castle (but not in it, unfortunately, ha ha).

The castle of Horst is in a sorry state nowadays, alas. On the verge of collapsing, almost.

There are a number legends about the castle, the one best known is the ghost tale about a black chariot that sometimes appears at midnight in the driveway.

When we were children we would sometimes row in small leaky boats around the castle and get stuck in the weeds.

I could totally live in the castle of Gaasbeek, though. The only thing it needs is a moat.

Some WIP

Kleine update met WIP en zo.

Jacques uit de Bourgondische tijd blijft een raadsel. Jacques en zijn broedsels waren bekend genoeg om een hoofdstuk in een boek over oude families in Brabant te krijgen maar niet genoeg om er verder nog enige zinnige, niet-contradictorische informatie over te vinden. Het helpt ook niet dat de namen Jacques en Jean erg populair waren bij de Glimes, zodanig dat ze nummers kregen die wisselden naargelang hun eigendommen en vrouwen. Een fysieke kopie van het boek heb ik nog nergens kunnen traceren. De enige kleine aanwijzing die ik verder heb is dat zijn goederen en land na zijn dood in Leuven verdeeld werden, maar of dat klopt…

Voor de rest heb ik wat random schetsen in olieverf op dik aquarelpapier gemaakt, vaak met restjes verf op mijn palet. Freewheelen vooral. Een deel is wat experimenteren voor opdrachten van de academie.

Giuliano de’Medici, naar een oude buste van Verrocchio.
Nog een keer de Bold. Moet dringend aan dat paneel verderwerken.
HA HA HA, cultureel erfgoed verbourgondischt.
Nog wat mishandeld cultureel erfgoed
Een schreeuwende non, naar een oude Z/W foto

The Sword in the Stone -Update – Jacques

Antoine de Glymes, born in 1500, he has nothing to do with this story but it seems there are no pictures of 15th century Jacques.

Still not very mobile, so read half of the book about the Burgundian mercy letters. I came across a story about a couple that eloped via abduction with consent in the 15th century and that afterwards wrote a letter to the Bold asking for mercy. The couple were from Louvain and as my grandfather’s ancestors were from that area I was interested to find out more about them and see if there was a link. My grandfather’s ancestors were simple craftsmen/women and not many records of them exist. Thus I hadn’t gotten very far in that part of the tree. When I researched the couple mentioned above, I didn’t find a link with them but somehow still accidentally progressed in the tree.

The quest led me to a couple small localities to the south of my own habitat, in the French speaking part of the country. The parish records turned out to contain many gaps so a lot of puzzling and comparing trees and sources was involved. I ran into a dead end with a knight named Jacques of Glymes. Still haven’t figured out which one of the many Jacques of Glymes he is. The first son usually got the name of their father so there are many., including some bastard sons etc. A Jacques whose date of death, location and profession match ‘my’ Jacques was involved with/fought against Charles the Bold so it’s a riddle I’d like to solve. Even without a link Jacques’ story is interesting enough. May do a fictitious portrait of him. And another location to visit as well. It’s not very far.

Just some WIP

I’m speechless after reading Minois’ biography, not because the end was so tragic but because I have literally lost my voice. I’m also still more or less immobile because of the pinched nerve. Haven’t done much painting the past couple days, too sick.

Art school: finished three paintings and am now making small studies for our next assignment.

At home I have done quite some work on Ilion and a bit on Nemrut Dagi but nothing about the van der Weyden copy of Charles the Bold, or Antoine or Oscar.

Painted a number of A4 size portraits. Started a small contemporary scene based on a picture of a larp game we hosted quite a while ago and started a large canvas freely based on a collage of silent movies. Been trying out several versions of Egidius. These are all first layers:

A4 study of Egidius
Erik, incapacitated while larping – 25x30cm – first layer
Monthléry – 60×80 – first layer in progress. Painting freely based on a collage of silent movie stills. I’m painting over Animo Inquieto, that one wasn’t going anywhere. Colours dried up a little murky and I still have to add most of the background.

The Sword in the Stone: The Land of Loon(ies) (2/2)

One of the other books I brought home from the library was a book about the counts of Loon. I’m not going into details here regarding this county because it’s quite complicated. There are some basic facts on the Wikipedia page here.

During my Burgundian research I came across Raes (van Linter, van Rivieren, van Heers, etc) who was born in 1418 so more of the age group of Anton the Bastard (1421) than Charles the Bold but who died in the same year as Charles, though not in the battle of Nancy. He was mayor of Liège and seems to have had a bit of a Boldesque though even more villainous personality. The book I borrowed has some info on him.I’m still reseaching this particular part of the history so I am not going to elaborate on this yet. However, I have already done some preparatory work and searched for maps. I am not sure what sort of maps the B used. Maps in books of that period are not very accurate in general and Mercator and Ortelius hadn’t been born yet, let alone Mr Michelin.

Here are parts of maps that were lying around in our archive, showing the area I plan to do first. The original maps date from around 1700 from what I found on the net, but these look like newer copies (newer, not brand new though, quite some stains on them and discoloured). I’m mostly interested in the old roads and movements of troops so additional research is required. There was another map of the area lying around but that was completely useless. I have added some squares with relevant areas.

By coincidence I spent the evening at St Truiden yesterday but I didn’t have time (or enough light) to visit battlegrounds.

Here is map 1. I have uploaded a large version but it doesn’t seem possible to zoom in on the published version.

This is the direct link for the large version.

Info provided is not yet thoroughly researched so corrections may follow.

From top to bottom and left to right:

Herkenrode: Nothing to do with the Bold but an ancestor may be buried there. More corpse digging to do?

Oirbeek: Square in the middle on the left. This is where that gravestone of Cathlijn van Oirbeek is located, the widow of a Liège knight that was killed in the battle of Monthléry. (see earlier posts).

St. Truiden: city around which the battlefields are located.

Brust(h)em: Right of St. Truiden. Area where the battle of 1467 against Raes took place.

Landen: Nothing to do with the Bold but Peppin of Landen may have been born in this area. He was an ancestor of Charlemagne who is an ancestor of many people around here. The Bold once visited his mausoleum in Aachen according to the biography. It’s indeed a stunning location but pictures inside are not allowed alas.

Montenaeken: where the battle of 1465 took place.

The scale and info at the top of the map:

Fixed cities. Demolished cities. Stains. Villages. Areas. Houses. Castles. Abbeys. Monasteries. Chappels. Entrenchments. Water mills.

1 1/2 common German miles of 15 in a grade, 1 1/2 French miles or marching hours of 20 in a grade.

Here is the second map (no scale this time). For orientation purposes: Liege is to the right and more to the south.

This is the direct link for the large version.

Linter: see Raes.

Ulbeek: Nothing to do with the Bold or Raes, but one of my ancestors lived in that area around 1580.

St. Truiden (see above).

Brust(h)em: see above regarding the battle of 1467.

Heers: see Raes of Heers. Also very close to the area my great grandfather was from (but much later, obviously). A possible ancestor who was about the same age as the Bold lived somewhat to the south from there. Got to look into that, who knows, maybe he took part in the battles.

Niel – Montenaeken: this is where the battle of 1465 took place and where the Roman graves are. This is also the area Egidius was from (supposedly born around 1647, so much later).

That’s all for now.


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