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Trojaans haar

Stomme films uit de jaren 20 blijven toch de max. Bv Helena – over de Trojaanse oorlog – uit 1924. Ik ben er wat mee aan het experimenteren. De film duurt bijna vier uur, dus het is letterlijk een avondvullend programma.

Paris. Ter info, het is een man. Dat haar…
Helena en Paris … die Klimtkledij….
Helena en Paris. Dat overgeacteer…
Hector. Die stekende eyelinerblik
Achilles. Die make-up…

Another Burgundian buffet

Had a class this morning. Worked on an old temple and some trees.

Saturday was filled with menial and administrative tasks. Worked on existing paintings on Sunday. Painted over some parts of Ilion, I forgot to include two characters and I had to make room for them. Painted a layer on the larp portrait and Anton.

Painted a crown on Louis IX, still to be corrected and enhanced with gemstones and such. Plus some corrections on the face.

Brought the faceless J of C home to add the halo. Oscar wasn’t dry yet so no work done on him. No work done on Animo Inquieto either. Started two small (25×30) paintings. I am keeping one as a surprise for later and the second one is based on an old picture of the Nemrut Dagi. Initial layer :

Worked on the B on Monday afternoon and evening. Running into the same issue with the eyes as with the small version. I think with some simple corrections it could be more or less acceptable. I keep in mind that the eyes of the portrait Rubens painted are also off. Not sure about the skin colour. I thought it would be a good idea to make him more tanned and/or Portuguese as his chroniclers describe him but now it looks like he’s just returned from partying in Ibiza with some good memories to cherish and we all know there is very little chance that the B went clubbing in Ibiza. I’ll leave it alone for a couple days and see wat happens.

Some time was also spent on reclaiming my Burgundian lands on Instagram. Here is the full version of a posted image of a Burgundian banquet, a drawing from a children’s book about the Bold, dating from the 1950ies. It doesn’t say who the artist is.

And a colour drawing/quick sketch of an old drawing of the B when he was 9 years old. The original by an anonymous artist supposedly dates from 1443 and is now in a museum in Arnhem.

Reading: not started on the Loo book yet. I am still reading a biography of Jan Six by Geert Mak, it’s quite entertaining. After that it is back to the B.

Spent some time researching a couple Babylonian dudes. Wondered if the Tower of Babel would be a good cake design.

Watched a couple episodes of various series such as The Arrow and Supernatural.

De vliegende man

Note: This post will be in Dutch because it’s going to be about a Dutch book about our local history.

Van sommige voorwerpen zijn we maar tijdelijke bewaarders. Ze hebben al eeuwen bestaan, ze gaan hopelijk nog enkele eeuwen mee en we houden ze maar kort in onze handen. Ik bewaar hier onder andere een boek dat De Historie van Belgis heet en over de geschiedenis van België gaat, tenminste het Belgis van 1619. Het begint – waarom niet – met de val der engelen en eindigt, veronderstel ik, ergens aan het begin van de 17e eeuw. Ik heb het (nog) niet helemaal gelezen want het is een lang verhaal en ik heb nog een grote stapel moderne boeken te lezen. Gelukkig heeft de schrijver in de kantlijn telkens vermeldt waar de passages over gaan zodat je er de interessante stukken kunt uitpikken. Het lezen van die passages geeft je al een goed beeld van de inhoud. Het is niet alleen een soort populair-wetenschappelijk geschiedenisboek maar er staan ook een hoop bijzondere, al dan niet sensationele feitjes en anekdotes in wat het boek erg amusant maakt. Het is in Antwerpen uitgegeven maar er staan vooral veel feiten over Gent en Brugge in. Ik heb wat voorbeelden van die feitjes bij elkaar gesprokkeld. Ik hoop dat mijn klein groepje Nederlandstalige abonnees en de toevallige voorbijgangers vlot gotisch schrift kunnen lezen. Ik zal er ook een Engelse omschrijving bij zetten.

Nb. Ik ben de pagina’s in het menu aan het updaten ten behoeve van de Bourgondische toeristen die ik de afgelopen dagen zag voorbijkomen. Het kan zijn dat ze wat van locatie en naam gaan veranderen (de pagina’s, niet de toeristen).

In the beginning of the book: the fall of the angels, and the devils.
How many bones and arteries a human body contains

De eigenschappen waarover een volmaakte schilder (of gelijk welke kunstenaar?) dient te beschikken (vooral dat laatste is bij mij hopeloos):

The three properties of a perfect painter

Het Lam Gods en de gebroeders van Eyck worden uiteraard vermeld maar er is ook een specifiek item over hun zus:

Margaretha van Eyck, sister of Jan and Hubert van Eyck, was also a painter

Het Heilig Bloed mag uiteraard ook niet ontbreken:

The Holy Blood at Bruges – The Holy Blood ceases to flow

Dit is een queestetip die ik zomaar weggeef aan de schattenjagers onder jullie: Karel (de Stoute) verliest een zeer kostbaar juweel. Ik ga hier uiteraard geen grappen maken over ‘s mans problemen met zijn teelballen. Beschrijving van het juweel, zie hieronder. Ik heb niet nagekeken of de Zwitsers dit hebben buitgemaakt, ken de objecten niet uit het hoofd, buiten zijn beste hoed, zijn zilveren bad, wat tapijten, al zijn kanonnen en nog andere troep die een mens gewoonlijk mee kamperen neemt.

Charles (the Bold) loses a very precious jewel

Een anekdote over de gulden draak op het belfort van Gent (en eerst Brugge):

Where the golden dragon of the belfry of Ghent came from

Vanaf nu wordt het wat spectaculairder:

Man climbs on a wall in Rome and flies
Bloody bread – Knight bitten by mice
Man buried three times

En met Joke, de spijbelaars en de klimaatmarsen in gedachten, krijgen jullie als uitsmijter van mij zomaar gratis voor niks een milieutip:


When I said I hadn’t watched any tv, I forgot I watched a short series about Julius Caesar which was quite amusing as he was more like a muscled Marvel superhero and not the rather dour, skinny general with the bony knees I remember from my Latin classes and assorted statues. Cleopatra was very attractive too but maybe a bit too modern as well.

Anyway. Yesterday I found more specific info about the B’s heart in a book about Burgundians (not the Loo one but an older one) so fifteen minutes well spent.

Today I put some more paint on Antoine’s portrait but it still needs a lot of work. I also painted the first layer of a new larger canvas “Animo Inquieto”. It’s basically a progressed version of the drawing of the book incident (not to be confused with the boot incident). I am a bit stuck with the background. I am not very good with backgrounds.

I also made some sketches for Oscar, a painting based on an old photograph of a rather comical actor, I think it’s doable. The actor reminds me of the type of people Frans Hals painted so I guess I’ll try it in that style. Also spent time on the B’s panel portrait. I have decided to use the vdWeyden as a base and use some pictures of real people as guides for the shading, eyes, etc. I am not interested in making an exact copy.

Did some quick sketches over last month. I am not going to make excuses for them. It’s this or nothing. I have tried.

Armour study
John the Baptist after Michaelina
baby brother and me, I was cleaning up my baby album. Trivia:
Sheep’s head
Quick sketch after Memling, as a study for Animo

Sunday update – Zero sense of humour

My health has been going up and down this week. I’m a little better but if I don’t pay attention to what I eat, it gets worse again. We had a model class this week. It was ok but it’s not my favourite activity on the whole. Painted many hands and twigs the day before. Also spent time on admin stuff/meetings etc. I’ve briefly returned to Guild Wars 2 to see if my characters were still alive. They were. One of them got a birthday present. Haven’t watched a lot of tv, just the news and a couple episodes of Musketeers. The news was depressing, full of fake news, scaremongering and inane showbiz trivia. The weather reports were mostly wrong. After six the town is cold, wet and deserted.

WIP at home: Made some sketches based on 1920ies film stills earlier this week. Today I worked on Antoine the Big Bastard (that really is his name and title) for the first time in ages. I want to finish him in the coming weeks (the face needs to be dry before I can paint the arrow so I can’t get it done in one week). I put a new layer on the B’s face but I’m still not convinced it is going anywhere. Worked some more on the background of Ilion and put a new layer on the Burgundian comic character (it is uber silly and extremely bad fan art). Brought Louis home because I still need to paint his crown. Didn’t do any work on the larp portrait. “Conceptual” investigations done for a new painting (ie. selected an old picture to start from:/). I also painted the base layer of a new painting. Not sure if that is going to work out. It’s another one for the series For your eyes only. 

I don’t have the feeling I am making any progress with my drawing and painting this year, rather the other way round.

As for Charles the Bold and the Sword quest: I have neglected the research the past weeks. So time to pick it up again. Haven’t started reading the Burgundians book yet but skimmed through the part of the B. No new information but did not really expect that, given the amount of data I have gone through, the past five months. Got to reinvestigate Gideon, I’ve missed something. Still need to find the original source of the boot incident. It is not in Haynin, Marche, Enguerrand or Chastellain, so maybe Commynes. There are also the two volumes of Barante but they’re not contemporary. I must dig up some Italian report I keep finding references to. I am also quite interested in the tactics and army movements of those last battles. Cabanes has some info regarding his mental breakdown and physical deformities I must look into as well. Maybe it is a waste of time, all this. Maybe there is a book Everything you wanted to know about C the B out there, but I haven’t found it yet. Am more and more wondering if I ran into the Bold in a more than casual manner before August but can’t think when or where. Maybe it was my evil twin. With zero sense of humour.

Ramble ramble ramble.


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