A couple posts ago, I believe, I said I was going to do something about the fruit of Eden. Often the fruit is depicted as an apple. However, on the mystic lamb, the fruit Eve is holding doesn’t look like an apple. There has been a lot of discussion about what the fruit the snake tempted Eve with actually is. In an old book about the history of Belgium  (1619)I found this little passage about van Eyck’s mystic lamb, where the nature of the fruit is discussed:

In this passage it is said that the fruit may be a fig, or an apple. But the fruit in Eve’s hand doesn’t look like a fig or an apple. I can’t remember who said it, but apparently it is some kind of ancient citrus fruit, some kind of lemon. The lemon, so they say, reminds us of the bitterness of the original sin.

The lamb code is not too hard to read once you have the key and a citrus makes sense but it’s not about the bitterness of sin. But where is the serpent?


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