Theseus and the minotaur (detail) – Maestro di Tavarnelle – about 1510 – Image by Sailko

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time researching the portrait of the man with the arrow, following a post by someone else about the painting on Instagram. What seemed like a simple thing, turned out to lead me on an interesting journey (indeed, yet another one). There is enough material for a few posts in it, they will follow soon (but does anyone care in these turbulent end of days, lol?). I was going to do some research on Anthony the Bastard anyway so it’s not a total waste of time. As a side remark: Did you know there doesn’t seem to be a single extensive biography about Anthony, even though his life is as interesting as that of Charles the Bold? He took part in most of his younger brother’s campaigns, did a lot of work for him, saved his precious behind a number times, went to Italy for negotiations, went to England regarding Charles’ wedding, got captured after the battle of Nancy and has a badass blason. He led a long and fulfilling life apparently. But maybe I overlooked them, so if you know of a biography, do let me know..

During the research regarding the portrait of the man with the arrow, I also came across an interesting picture of Charles the Bold’s grandson in a vintage book. I haven’t been able to trace back the origin yet, so that’s another thing to do. The picture would make a good base for a painting, making it a case of killing two birds with one stone. I can’t post it here before I make sure there is no copyright involved.

Labyrinths are something else I’m busy with. I already adopted Theseus and the labyrinth as a symbol for my quest and ironically I am now also constantly running through real labyrinths in shops and streets. I just crossed town to pick up an extra book about Rogier at the library. Today is market day and some sort of labyrinth has been created with arrows on the ground, indicating where one should walk. Not that anyone cares. The streets were full of pensioners without facemasks, chatting away, no signs of social distancing and they all had wide grins on their faces because the cafes are open again.

Because I had to research a couple things for random people, I haven’t progressed with the Bold and our town, and my paintings . Maybe I’ll do that for the rest of the week. And as our September reenactment event is still on, I have to start working on the manuscript and my outfit again. That’s in between what really matters, such as assignments, and my taxes which I still haven’t completed. I already prepared them somewhat, though, so not totally neglected them.

Until next time