You’d think that with Corona everything would be more relaxed, but I have the constant feeling that I’m running out of time.

This weekend I did more research on the jousting bishop. With the libraries closed, the borders closed and not much information available online, I’m only stuck with one question: did he participate in the Valenciennes tournament or not? The rest of the information I have found about him, seems to add up, and the sources seem reliable. I’m writing up a document with all my findings up till now, which I will post on the relevant page. I do need to adjust some of the pages and questions.

I came across an interesting fait divers regarding the jouster’s grandfather in a rather obscure book about mysteries, one of those silly books you find in the esoteric section of bookstores, and the thrift store. At first it seemed not so important but after some investigation it’s another interesting item to research. This will be on another page, but that’s not for the coming days.

So that’s a whole post to say I have nothing to say for the moment.

To be continued.