I haven’t posted anything in ages, nothing about Charles the Bold, and nothing about anything else. Here is a short summary.

Corona is still active. In fact we’re at the start of a second wave, even before the first one ended. No Future is more accurate now than it was in the seventies, if you ask me. The year keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Still house/castle hunting. It got even more adventurous than it was already, but we’re still in the process of preparing our second offer so I won’t write about it today.

We caught a mouse in our kitchen. The cat brought the mouse in, but it escaped and hid behind the cabinets. We set a trap and managed to capture it the second night. The picture I took always makes me laugh:

We didn’t have our end of year exhibition but instead the academy had banners printed with some of our paintings. Came across one of them in the centre of town, kind of funny to see Rogier overlooking the car park (posted a picture on Instagram if you’re curious).

I started well with fruits and such but four months down the covid line, my eating habits have become atrocious.

Brought the half finished Gossaert home from the academy at the start of the summer break. Not sure if I’ll finish this one or start all over again.

Painted a study of Campin. Here is the halfway version, which I like better than the finished sketch:

Painted a few sketches based on old film stills from the family archives:

Painting something based on an old manuscript by Jan van Boendale about the dukes of Brabant. Current state:

Painted another one brush study/sketch, this time of Thomas More. It is not meant to be finished or a perfect copy, it’s just experimenting.

That’s all, folks…