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About The Guardian of Arcadia

Arcadia is both a real place and an ideal world. It was made famous by the painting by Poussin and the (fascinating but also veeerrry fishy) book The Holy Blood & The Grail. However, this site is not about Rennes-le-Château, though I may mention it every now and then. I just needed a name for the site and Arcadia sounded good. For the record: I have a university degree in linguistics, focusing on Dutch and English medieval literature (to justify the nonsense I write about the middle ages, meh meh).

Part of this site is a portfolio of my work. Some stories, a couple books and mostly artwork. These can be found on the pages (see menu at the top and in the right column).

The other pages are dedicated to the research I am doing. In the past I have been busy digging up Merovingian, Akkadian and Sumerian lore concerning a quest that was imposed on me. I thought I was done with my research in July 2018. However, little did I know that when I paid a visit to the Basilica of the Holy Blood of Bruges by chance in August 2018, this would via a chain of random events lead me to the next stage of the quest, in pursuit of the last person on earth I expected to run into. So currently I am roaming the Duchy of Burgundy AD 1476, in pursuit of a strange dead Duke, Charles the Bold. And the journey is fascinating.

Some posts, ie those with clues about the quest, have been set to private to avoid people grabbing all the hard work I did so far. Please e-mail me if you want access.

Note: Nothing on this site has anything to do with a recently published book about Burgundians.

Any questions or remarks? Feel free to contact me. My e-mail is ysegrimd at yahoo dot com.


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