VI. About this site

About The Guardian of Arcadia

Arcadia is both a real place and a fantasy world. It was made famous by the painting by Poussin and the (rather rubbish) book The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail. Both of them inspired the name of this website but you will not find much about the painting or the book on my pages (though I may occasionally mention them).

Part of The Guardian is a portfolio of stories, paintings and drawings.

The other part is the story of a quest for the lapis exillis. I am not Parsifal. I am a novice necromancer, trying to resurrect the dead with paint and ink, fighting my way through a dark and unforbidding labyrinth like Theseus, armed with books and in the company of random strangers.

I have traversed Paradise with Eleven, a black-eyed demon (Canto I) and I have wandered through Purgatory with Seventeen, a fickle angel (Canto II). Now I’m exploring a gruesome subterranean world, with Twelve,  a bowlegged, gap-toothed long dead duke (don’t ask me why, there is no logic in Arcadia).

If you want to mail me directly, feel free to send a message to: ysegrimd at: yahoo com. (But note that I’m totally not interested in your pills or single women).

Your faithful servant,

Maugis the Bewitched