Fine dramatic personalities

The past few evenings I binge watched Knightfall season 2. Ignore the Imdb score, season 2 is even better than season 1. Not exactly historically accurate but extremely entertaining nonetheless.

The past couple months I’ve spent most of my art time at home preparing my book with ideas and sketches for art school. Can’t show any of that yet (academy policy). But this week I have started work on the Burgundian paintings again at home.

Background music currently playing: the Unicorn ensemble with Rosa das rosas.

Gilles is a dead end but the Jacques are intriguing. Their coat of arms could be a lead.

(Re-)discovered an extra source of medieval inspiration, somewhat predating – or postdating as it’s based a play by the Bard – Charles the Bold: Henry V in superscope, aka Laurence Olivier rocking a bowl cut. Here is the link on YouTube:

In Superscope!

Heer Halewijn

Een sinistere klassieker, op YT een muzikale versie gevonden. Ik weet niet wie de band is. Niet Rum, voorzover ik weet. Was de inspiratie voor een paar schilderijen en schetsen.

Wrestling with too many Jacobs

I’ve lost the thread so I’m running into a lot of dead ends in the last branches of the gen-tree’s maze. I’m wrestling with several Jacques (French for Jacob, nb). Jacques 1 is an illigitimate descendant of John II of Brabant. Jacques 2 is a knight who may or may not be related to Jacques 1, and the same goes for Jacques 3 who may or may not be the father of Sibylle. But if Jacques 3 is not the father of Sibylle, who is it? Well, there is a candidate: yet another knight named Jacques. All this is not really part of the sword in the stone except Thierry d’Alsace, it’s driving me crazy anyway.

Resumed research regarding Charles the Bold. Not reading anything in particular.

Been getting inspiration from Henry V with Laurence Olivier.

Sorely neglected my IG account.

Done a lot of painting too but nothing is in a good enough state to be shown.


Summer slides into autumn. The days are getting shorter and darker, the nights much much longer.

I’ve been quite busy, clearing out a house, preparing work for the two final years at art school, preparing materials for upcoming events, fighting numerous battles with the System.

Charles the Bold is not a valid subject in contemporary art so I am keeping him at home, painting sketches of faded ancestors on paper instead. In the evenings I am trying to complete the puzzle of the family tree. It’s been a strange but compelling journey, involving murders, bastard offspring, famine and the Plague, crusades and dispensations, knights and peasants, dukes, carpenters and Italian bankers and a few drops of the Holy Blood. Currently I’m investigating a medieval woman named Sybille. I don’t know where it will end, ideally in Blois.

Small update

Royal residence at Loches. Joan of Arc once stood in that hall, btw.

Back to school, need to gather my painting stuff tomorrow and drag it back to art school on Tuesday. Still have to do a few Loire posts but that’s for later.

I’ve been mostly occupied with admin stuff, overseeing things such as repair work, maintenance work, various appointments, etc.

Worked on my project book for my next (and last two) years of painting classes.

In the evenings I worked on a costume for a medieval event next Sunday near an old tower. I made an underdress and overdress from some old tablecloths and the remants of a priest’s cassock. I also made a Burgundian hat (based on the hat the girl is wearing on the well-known medieval portrait by Petrus Christus) crafted from felt, remnants of a priest’s cassock and an old brooch of my grandmother. When I come across decent fabric somewhere I am going to make a real costume. Now I’m working on a temporary scabbard for my sword.

The tower mentioned above once belonged to someone who is a theoretical ancestor of theoretical Egidius, but as the Egidius link in the family tree is very dodgy, it should probably be ignored. Anyway, while researching the history of the tower I progressed a little in the tree and it got interesting again. The general conclusion so far is that beyond the 17th century all my ancestors are related somehow.

Theoretical until further research great great etc grandfather John II of Brabant who was also a great fornicator apparently. I do like his jupon, though.

Watching: two weird Scandinavian crime series. Saving the second series of the Crusaders for the coming days. Going to watch the Handmaid’s tale movie (didn’t like the book that much so didn’t finish it) and a series about the de’Medici, mostly for the costumes. Going to watch the White Queen series when I find some time. Some other stuff still lying around too. Watched an awful lot of Bernadette Banner videos on YouTube. A Stitch in Time was also very interesting. Interested in the Knight movie that has been announced for later this year.

Picking up the Charles the Bold quest again. Am reading a very vintage copy of Quentin Durward. It’s so vintage it had to be retrieved from the library’s reserve.

Trying to find a (affordable) medieval castle with a moat and drawbridge. Found one but it’s a six hour’s drive so yeah but no but yeah but no. I also found one where Philip the Good has stayed in the past. It is a shorter drive but not affordable. So no.

That’s all for now, ladies.


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