Working on the painting of a suit of armour, Antoine, Ilion and the B. Doing research for a 3D Bold piece. Overpainting the Alexander miniature because canvas is not a good base for painting miniatures, so it appears.

During a previous lunch hour doodled another portrait on an index card. Risjaar modderfokker den derde, or in short Richard III. It’s the one whose skeleton was found under a parking lot. The background is a print of an old book, not sure which one.

Also went shopping for some tops as my old ones were falling apart (I only wear 10% of my wardrobe on a daily basis, the rest is ahm, weird and eclectic as I often shop at the end of the sales, in the thrift store and/or handcrafted/modified stuff.

Fashion is fairly Burgundian this winter with lots of patterned velvet and glitter but most of it looks quite tacky. I did buy two new shirts, same one in black and white, looking like a crossover between renaissance and pirate:

Also bought a simple black top and a silver one that looks like chainmail if you look at it from a distance of 50 yards and with severe cataract.

Couldn’t find a new decent coat in the shops – not fond of kakhi anoraks – but in the thrift store I came across a black short jacket that had a renaissance/Burgundian feel to it. On checking the label it appears to be from an Italian company. (These days that doesn’t mean anything, though). 

That and a Robin Hoodish black top with laces on the side.

Now I’m going to shoot a leek in the wild and eat something.