Schilderij van het jaar (Painting of the year) 2017

There is this contest ‘Schilderij van het jaar 2017’ where you can either upload a painting or vote for a painting. The website is here: Schilderij van het jaar .

I didn’t send anything to this site. I did go through all the paintings. All of them. Imho there are 6 categories:

1- Paintings that are badly painted and uninteresting
2- Paintings that are badly painted but interesting
3- Bleh mediocre paintings
4- Well painted paintings that are not interesting
5- Well painted paintings that are interesting
6- Paintings so bad that they are beyond judgement

Side note: I discovered I saw at least one of these paintings in real life (a good one nb). There were plenty of variations on van the van Eyck brothers’ Lamb of God. There were a couple I’d buy if reasonably priced.

Trivia: Somebody painted a Baphomet which belongs to category 2,

My absolute favourite, however was Michel met de octopus. It’s number one on page 15,

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