Some afterthoughts

Sort of a copy of Dürer’s snake in Eden, acrylic and oil paint on canvas (will not be present at the open viewing, suppose I can post it here then)

In English for once. Just some quick notes regarding the changes on the site(s).

This site was set up as a self-hosted WP as I thought this would give me more control. In some ways this is the case, but not in other ways. Probably this is due to my lack of experience with the self-hosted setup, but I don’t get the same amount of notifications regarding actions by others on the site (comments, likes, follows) and only see this when I actually log in. So I may only notice after several days, when logging on to write a new post that I see I need to do some admin, approve comments etc (and I myself am too much of a coward to comment elsewhere unless I’m slightly drunk, haha).

The site was mainly set up as a repository for my own writings, doodles, cartoons, so I could direct friends, Romans and relatives to this site when they want to know what sort of things I write and paint. (But they never actually end up here so it doesn’t really matter, lol). I didn’t choose the domain name very wisely at the time. No regrets, though.

I do try to keep the site as clean as possible and delete posts or pages that are no longer up to date or superfluous.  Due to circumstances, I have cut down on the media channels I was using, it was just too much and a lot of them just weren’t the effort or just evil (Tumblr eg). After some consideration I kept this site, Pinterest for personal reference mainly, Vimeo for the videos  and – recently – Instagram for posting small updates. I was a bit hesitant about using Instagram as I thought it was mostly used for pictures of meals, make-up and perfect bodies, but it’s actually quite handy for showing a WIP or something funny without having to write a complete post.  Downside is the small size of the images.

The art academy year is almost over, I’ve handed in my stuff for the end of year exhibition. Just a couple more classes, the open days and the goodbye party. Still no news regarding the novel.

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