This morning, when the sun came out for a few minutes, I quicly tested several set-ups for a still life with fruit, old style. The photographs aren’t great but they’re mostly meant as a test.

Other variant of object placement:

This still life was created with objects that were lying around, except for the fruit.
Glass: Spanish recycled glass (Vaisselle au kilo)
Pewter jug and dish: family heirloom
Candle stick: recycling shop
Earthenware bowl and napkin: Casa
Knife and silver candle snuffer: Blokker (I think, I’ve had them for a long time)
Table cloth: heirloom, possibly from a church.
Cloister table: second hand furniture shop
Apple juice: Minute Maid
Fruit: seedless grapes, lemons, apples and persimmons.

And, when there’s a cat in the house, there is always a version with a cat (grrrrr):