Sunday update: How many mirrors does a man need?

Illustration from Der ritter vom Turm (image from Wikipedia).

Work done at art school: started a new small and a normal sized painting. Thinking about my next painting and doing research for a local project we’re going to take part in in the coming months.

Work done at home: first layer of the background of Ilion, another layer on the B, another layer of the background of Alexander and overpainting a small copy of a portrait by Raphael, A great number of sketches and small exercises in my sketchbook. All my paintings are now too wet to work on next week, so I am going to start a couple new ones. Not sure what yet.

In the process of cleaning up and sorting out my library. Watched Arrival. Watched a couple episodes of Fake or Fortune. Going to watch the next episode of The Arrow tonight.  Going to watch a series about crusaders. Avoiding the news. Trying to avoid other people’s art this week, too frustrating. Duty at the Asylum.  Hoovering the Duchy. Roof leaks are repaired, touch wood, the curse is over. Now the subject of a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Watched a couple of episodes of Once. There is a Gideon in it, lol.


I wasn’t really intending to spend time on the B quest, apart from finishing the library books because they are due tomorrow. However, it tugged on my sleeve a couple times. The result is I have some more fact-checking to do in the coming days.

a) Somebody brought a few boxes with retired library books to our art class for the project mentioned above. We’re going to do 3D things with them. The musty smelling books are mostly children’s and YA books. I selected two of them because they were about the middle ages which is my side theme at the moment. I took them home to read them this weekend and see what I can do with them. Turns out one of them is about Memling’s apprentice years with Rogier van der Weyden (it wasn’t clear from the blurb). The Bold plays a fairly big role in it. It’s half historical, half fantasy but there are a  couple things in there worth checking out.

b) From the beginning, mirrors have played a role in the quest, in works of art and such. Only circumstantial evidence. Yesterday,  while I was gathering some stuff for the garage sale at my parents’ place I came across a book about mirrors. It’s about everything regarding mirrors: optics, architecture, photography, art, etc, but there is also a chapter specifically about mirrors in the middle ages and their symbolism. When leafing through it I ran into an interesting fact: according to an inventory of small jewels of the Bold, he had at least 20 hand mirrors! (the exclamation mark was in the book). You draw the conclusions! (this time the exclamation mark is mine).

Until next time.

Update: It’s mostly a catalogue of an exhibition with the treasure looted from the Burgundians, but in the book ‘Karel de Stoute’ there are also some essays with some hints at his madness, visions, etc. Some point at Chastellain and 19th century research. Must look into this. Also how to tie this with  part I and II. A contributor to the catalogue mentioned above also suggested the Bold committed suicide. I suppose the writer meant that in a symbolic way, i.e.  by engaging in a battle the Bold couldn’t possibly win.

I’m beginning to miss my Renaissance Italians…

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