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Three dances

Some appropriate Burgundian/Renaissance music. Three dances (La Franchoise Nouvelle – La Danza Ravestain – La Danza Cleves (Ballo)) based on a manuscript in the Burgundian library.

Somehow I keep ending up in the library of the Dukes of Burgundy this week. But that post is not for today.

Codex update

The structure of the menu has somewhat changed. The bibliography, documents and reference images are now stored under The Burgundian Codex. I have deleted a great amount of old artwork. I have left the images of art exhibitions I visisted in place, though I am not planning to add any new ones soon.

Today I added two documents (in Dutch) to the Codex: The first one is a scanned copy of an old script that was stored inside a book about Charles the Bold. This was probably the script of a television program in the – wild guess – 1970ies. The second is an excerpt from some draft of a history book. It’s not written by me and I have not verified it or reformatted it. Maybe I will some day, but not soon. I am currently working on other things.

Elias / Helias

I was actually looking for Charles the Bold’s millefleur tapestry that was looted by the Swiss when I came across this:

Tapestry depicting The Swan Knight/Legend of Lohengrin. Tournai, 1460, Atelier of Grenier. Currently located at Wawel castle, Krakow, Poland.

Bottom right. Don’t they look a lot like Charles and Philip?

Burgundian wish list

On my current (achievable, so nothing like a prayer book manuscript, a signed and sealed letter or original Golden Fleece documents) Burgundian book/document wish list:

Objectif Ducs – comic that has Burgundians and people riding boars. Not sure if it is available in the local shops. Can’t drive all the way to Dijon the coming few weeks for this :/. Probably have to order it online.
Which reminds me, I’m adding a better background to Charles riding the boar.

This really beautifully illustrated vintage book about my virtual boss and the B’s enemy, Louys XI. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s quite pricey. There is a scanned copy on BnF, however, so you can easily read it online:

Going by the messy hair and the fancy outfit, the man in the gold armour must be Charles. Louis was usually dressed in rags.

And this rather intriguing and slightly hilarious looking book/comic?: Le grand amour de Charles le Téméraire. Not sure if they mean by “amour” fighting or Henry.

Image from livre.com

Fool’s Gold

Gisant of the tomb of Philippe le Hardi, Dijon (picture: family archives)

My study, where I used to do research, has become such a mess lately with old and new paintings, books, swords, and other weapons and all sorts of stuff from my childhood home that I had to store temporarily somewhere, that I have not used it at all the past six months.

So this week, spring cleaning in mind, I just painted a couple hours each day, mostly studies and sketches, and spent the rest of the time tidying up. Unfortunately I keep running into interesting things such as footnotes and bookmarks in books that are worth investigating. As such, cleaning up it’s taking a lot longer than I originally intended. Plus I have come across an even greater archive online that I want to sort through, including a few gigabytes of Burgundy-related stuff. It’s all connected somehow and it’s driving me crazy.

The update of this site will have to wait for another few days.

And I’m still looking for that wretched boot.


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