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The Sword in the Stone: Under siege

The Roman graves near Montenaken. Apparently they played a role in the battle of Montenaken (Image: Wikipedia)

So this morning, after making some sketches of Lorenzo (who has a strange face nb) I did some quick research about the connection between Charles of Burgundy and the town I’m living in. I am planning some photographic sequel to a series of photographs my grandfather once did, ie taking pictures of the same places many years later to compare the changes. I thought it would be cool to include pictures of the place where Charles the Bold’s camp was – nothing to do with the old series – but I haven’t found the location so far. Jean de Haynin only mentions the town’s name and I found the route the army took from here to St. Truiden and Liège, and that there were some negotiations with Charles around here but not the actual location. Maybe the local city archives have information, but I don’t know if they’re accessible. They have a huge damp and mould problem apparently. Given the fact that the Burgundians were probably dragging cannons along, and those are slow, I’m guessing they didn’t take huge detours. So it could have been close to where we are living now, as we’re close to the old road to Liège. Or not at all. Maybe there are some letters. The Bold wrote so many letters. Nowadays he would have dictated e-mails into his smartwatch while being driven to the battlefield in his armoured limo. No, he would just stay home and send drones into the field, I guess.

Anyway, I found a lot of interesting trivia while looking up all of this.

Nothing to do with the Liègeois but one of the inhabitants of a hamlet close by fought in the battle of Monthléry.

Nothing to do with Charles the Bold, but apparently my old school was once one of the residencies of the Dukes of Brabant.

Inhabitants of our town took part in the siege of Amiens by Charles the Bold.

During the Bold’s Liège wars, there was a big battle againts Liège near Montenaken in 1465. Now the interesting part is that one branch of my ancestors are all from that area, including Egidius (but he’s from a later date so he didn’t take part obviously).

According to Jean de Haynin, Lodewijk van Gruuthuuse was stationed at our town for a while. Lodewijk is the one I already wrote about in connection with the manuscript that contains the Egidius song/poem. Must look into that. I’m at this point that I probably need to go digging into old manuscripts.

I found more interesting stuff in old documents but that’s for later. I have some time next week. I may do a short the Bold tour of Belgium depending on the weather and administrative obligations.

The sword in the stone: The eye of the beholder

Image from The Studio, somewhere around 1900

This is not truly a Wednesday update on a Thursday. Not because it’s Valentine’s day. We don’t do Valentine stuff. The Lord of the Castle has band rehearsal so he’s in his music room while I’m going to lock myself up with the B and other half finished dead people in my work room. An oily orgy so to speak. This afternoon I worked on Ilion and the larp portrait.

I had a busy day yesterday and today. After a number of rather boring administrative tasks I had a quick look around the thrift store. I have a self-imposed random, almost superstitious, rule that if I don’t encounter a picture of the B anywhere in the thrift store, I will end the quest. This time I encountered at least four pictures of him, including one that leads back to the Egidius quest so it looks I’m not finished with my research yet.

I came across three interesting facts about the physical appearance of the B in some rather obscure books which I want to investigate in case I ever come across the actual skeleton (slim chance though).

But now I need to paint. Not sure for how long. I had three different nightmares last night and I’m exhausted.

Another Burgundian buffet

Had a class this morning. Worked on an old temple and some trees.

Saturday was filled with menial and administrative tasks. Worked on existing paintings on Sunday. Painted over some parts of Ilion, I forgot to include two characters and I had to make room for them. Painted a layer on the larp portrait and Anton.

Painted a crown on Louis IX, still to be corrected and enhanced with gemstones and such. Plus some corrections on the face.

Brought the faceless J of C home to add the halo. Oscar wasn’t dry yet so no work done on him. No work done on Animo Inquieto either. Started two small (25×30) paintings. I am keeping one as a surprise for later and the second one is based on an old picture of the Nemrut Dagi. Initial layer :

Worked on the B on Monday afternoon and evening. Running into the same issue with the eyes as with the small version. I think with some simple corrections it could be more or less acceptable. I keep in mind that the eyes of the portrait Rubens painted are also off. Not sure about the skin colour. I thought it would be a good idea to make him more tanned and/or Portuguese as his chroniclers describe him but now it looks like he’s just returned from partying in Ibiza with some good memories to cherish and we all know there is very little chance that the B went clubbing in Ibiza. I’ll leave it alone for a couple days and see wat happens.

Some time was also spent on reclaiming my Burgundian lands on Instagram. Here is the full version of a posted image of a Burgundian banquet, a drawing from a children’s book about the Bold, dating from the 1950ies. It doesn’t say who the artist is.

And a colour drawing/quick sketch of an old drawing of the B when he was 9 years old. The original by an anonymous artist supposedly dates from 1443 and is now in a museum in Arnhem.

Reading: not started on the Loo book yet. I am still reading a biography of Jan Six by Geert Mak, it’s quite entertaining. After that it is back to the B.

Spent some time researching a couple Babylonian dudes. Wondered if the Tower of Babel would be a good cake design.

Watched a couple episodes of various series such as The Arrow and Supernatural.

WIP for this week

A quick one before I go back to painting. I spent too much time on researching badgers today.

Here are the paintings I’m working on. Most of them will look familiar. I paint in thin layers so all of them are taking forever. Note that the pictures were taken in the evening in a fairly dark room so the colours are a bit off. I went to pick up some medium in the paint store yesterday which I should have done a long time ago. It’s something in between thinner and oil but we don’t use it with the watersoluble paints in the atelier. It makes painting with real oils a lot easier and it smells good. The only thing I don’t understand is why the manufacturer put it in a bottle with a small opening because it is a gel and it doesn’t flow so you have to scoop it out somehow. These sort of design failures are the ones that drive me crazy.

1 The panel of C the B.

I’m a little bit further than this. I have redone some bits more than a few times. The problem is that the van der Weyden looks rather cartoonish is and then I want to change things which is never a good idea. At some point everything will be off that way.

2 The Larper

No work done on this one this week.

3 Antoine

A little bit of work done on the face, now he has to dry up again.

4 The battle of Ilion

Working on the background before I do the figures.

5 Gulielmus Burgundus

I have no words for this, it’s so terrible HA HA HA

And two new paintings, both 60 by 80. Both very rough wild first layers.

6 Oscar

Based on a 100 year + picture of a local actor. It’s more 17th century I think.

7 Animo Inquieto

This is part of the C t B series I’m doing, the B having a mental breakdown. Not sure yet where this is going to go. I am not going to put badgers in this one.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have posted that portrait of Moore first. The contrast is huge, he he.

Update – service announcement

As you can see, the site has changed somewhat. I experienced several technical difficulties with the theme I was using to the point that I could no longer update the pages. I took the opportunity to reorganise the site a little but I lost the Merovingians somewhere in the process so yeah, it’s not perfect yet. Aaarrggh. It’s never easy.

I prefer a white theme but I couldn’t find a white theme with the functionality I needed, so it’s back to black after a long time.

I was going to work some more on the B tonight but I already spent a large part of the morning painting his black shrivelled heart and also, I feel a little sad because it is almost like he’s been hijacked from me by someone way more influential than me so I don’t know what I’ll do now. Maybe I’ll just resurrect Jeanne Hachette instead.


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