I’m almost through with cleaning and sorting out the files on one computer, but I have another one left to do next week. While I was doing this I came across pictures (not my own, but from the family archives) of paintings in the Viennese Gemaldegalerie.

One of those paintings seems interesting enough to have a closer look at. On the information notice of the museum it is listed as the Coronation of the Virgin by Dieric Bouts, dated around 1450. The pictures are not very good, but even the quality of the one below I found on the museum’s website is not very good:

What first caught my attention was the face and posture of the third angel from the left.

Something with the angels on the right side seems a little off. I want to do some comparisons with other Bouts paintings.

The third person of interest to me is the bearded man on the right.

It’s tempera, not oil, by the way.

I didn’t know this painting (or maybe I have seen it but don’t remember, last time I was in Vienna I was 2 :/). I can not find a lot of information about it online right now, but it’s late and I don’t want to go search for my Bouts book. I’ll see how far I get tomorrow.