The sword in the stone – update

Just did a page count of the old chronicles and biographies related to CtB I want to go through in the coming weeks: more than 8000 pages. I’ll have to be selective. The contemporary summaries and biographies are not useful. I am looking for very specific information.

Earlier today I checked the progress of the restauration works in the church of Bruges, to find out whether the tomb is visible right now or not, because I don’t want to undertake the long trip for nothing (but it’s not clear from the website – the Michelangelo statue will not be visible until March in any case). Not that it’s urgent or really matters, the skeleton is not underneath the tomb anyway.

I am busy with a little project for the painting course and wanted to find a view from above of the tomb of C (impossible, apparently). During my research I came across a site of the Palais ducal at Nancy with a lot of info on the tomb of C, which seems to have been updated today. It also has some info on the intestines (see earlier post), which were buried separately and where they were buried (near a statue of the Virgin). Also interesting is the suggestion, that the skeleton could still be somewhere buried in the soil of Nancy, if I understood correctly.

It looks like it’s turning into a Rennes-le-Château type of treasure hunt. However, I am not going to immediately rush to Nancy with a shovel in hand. This needs some planning.

For those interested, the link is this: Tombeau de Charles le Téméraire (Tomb of Charles the Bold)