On Friday I spent some time researching the results of a jousting tournament in May 1473, at the chapitre of the Golden Fleece at Valenciennes. Not because I had placed a bet, but I had to check some info on a guy whose history I am researching. This had nothing to do with the Bold quest originally but soon it became clear he was directly linked to Charles. According to the info I found, he grew up at the Burgundian court and was on the Bold’s payroll. It’s very hard to find more proof of this on the internet, maybe a few trips to libraries will have to be undertaken.

Not only was the year wrong in the article I started from, but it seemed very unlikely that that particular man had taken part in any of the jousting tournaments of 1473. 

Another problematic thing – as a side remark – is the Gregorian versus the Julian calender (not to mention other calendars that were/are in use). I never know if this has been taken into account in the info that is available. 

I checked the chronicles of several of the men in the circles of the Bold (who made a big show of himself at the convention, but that’s another story) and came to the conclusion that there was some confusion among them who exactly it was that won the tournament. They all had it from one source and the original source was very vague in his description.

Conclusion: even the original sources are not always a guarantee for correct and complete information.

It doesn’t look like it was my guy anyway.  

Spent the day at the Asylum. The Christmas rush has started so it was quite busy.

WIP – Trying to paint a study of a suit of armour. The arms are too short.