Yesterday evening I tried out my new Wacom tablet. The previous one didn’t last very long, unfortunately. My digital skills are limited, nevertheless. I used the tablet mostly for editing photographs but sometimes it is fun to make quick sketches too. I don’t have the patience for more advanced work.

Here are the two sketches I made, they’re very rough and unsymmetrical.

The first one is the result of a discussion we had during a long car trip. The discussion was about contemporary art and the (ab)use of the stale Mickey Mouse icon. I said that don’t do a lot of fan art, given copyright issues, but that the only comic character that would be good candidate because he has a Burgundian bowl cut is our local icon Jommeke. So I tried out a primitive style Jommeke:

Another sketch I made (not very symmetrical either, I know) is a portrait of Egidius, may turn it into an oil painting with the title Egidius, waer bestu bleven?

Also started a new oil painting last week, portrait of a man in larp gear (based on a picture by but not of my brother). First layer: