Na het teleurstellende Sanguine trokken we naar het MAS. Daar was er naast de vaste collectie ook een expo over Michaelina, een schilderes uit de baroktijd. Ik heb niet erg veel foto’s gemaakt.

Hier een paar “sfeerbeelden”:

Schilderij van Michaelina Wautier. Het licht in dit relatieve kleine schilderij was verbazingwekkend.

Een raar schaap op een van de schilderijen, ook door Michaelina

Johannes de Doper door Michaelina

Verder nog wat beeldjes uit diverse landen, uit de vaste collectie:

Ivoren figuurtjes

Beeldje uit de precolumbiaanse afdeling

Idem. Mens met twee honden


Ook mooi: de foto’s met barokke inslag op de wanden van de roltrappen en gangen.

En toen was het tijd om naar huis te gaan.


Of cats and skulls

The past few weeks have mostly been filled with sorting and listing old stuff and assignment related work.  I have also been studying a couple books for the sequel to Lazarus, mostly about Babylon and Grail stuff. Last but not least I’ve set up a small side site with some random funny images I encounter here and there. No fixed posting schedule so expectations are low.

There is not a lot of WIP  – written or painted –  ready to be flung on the net right now (it never is, really).  Instead I offer you a short overview of an art echibition we visited last week, Spanish still life at the Bozar (Brussels).  I was mainly interested in seeing the Velazquez up close as I’m still working on the copy of the dead Jesus but that was a little disappointing. However, there were two large canvases by Antonio de Pereda which was great. I’ve been studying those exact paintings for the Baroque style still life I still have on my plate, pun intended. It was possible to look at the paintings from a very short distance so we set off the alarms quite a few times, he he.

So here are some pictures I took, with some random comments included. Enjoy.

Small painting of books by an anonymous painter.  The colours and the light were exquisite.

Left side of the Velazquez painting. A bit drab imho.

A cat that looked a lot like our own house tiger hiding in one of the still lifes.

Melon and dead birds, the ideal dinner companions.

Another dead bird, by Goya this time.

Look at the man’s nose.

And next details of two of the Pereda paintings:


The knight’s dream. The light on the knight was amazing.



No overview but some details of the other Vanitas painting by Pereda:

A highly detailed globe

My favourite bit of the entire collection: the reflection in the harness


And last but not least the picture stuck to the table cover:

That’s all for today, folks…