Study of a Memling. I gave up on the shirt.

The past couple days I’ve had a pretty bad migraine, not sure where it came from. Not Covid-related, I guess as I haven’t been to many places. In any case, I was very, very tired for some reason, and reading, let alone painting was not going well so I have wasted two days. On the plus side, I thought I’d be dead by Covid by now. Don’t want to moan, though.

I have not yet gone through the 7 volumes trying to find the trial I referred to in last post. I did leaf through the art books I borrowed from the library to see where I’d start first. The book about van der Weyden still contained a page with the notes I made last year on the copy of Charles the Bold I’m painting. Guess nobody borrowed the book since then or didn’t bother to remove the page. In the book of Hugo van der Goes there is a good overview of the paintings I discussed in an earlier post. There was also a photocopy stuck between the pages with the painting of the Death of the Virgin. I have never borrowed this book before so this copy was not mine. Sometimes little things like this, the scribblings in the margins so to speak, lead me much further than anything else. So I guess I need to keep this in mind and see if there is something interesting to dig up.

Today I spent most of the day going through a book/article by someone called Abolala Soudavar who wrote about a number of paintings of the Burgundian era and their double layers. One of those paintings is the Medici Virgin I am trying to find out more about, but also about other paintings that have something to do with the Dukes of Burgundy, such as the Lamentation (see earlier post) and the Medici fresco with the Magi. As a side note, Charles the Bold’s crypto portraits seem to end up in many paintings about the Magi, worth to look into this. A.S. refers to the book about Hugo van der Goes I borrowed so that’s handy.

I don’t have anything else or interesting to write about today. I have limited my daily intake of cat videos and have been watching the Stay at Home museum by VisitFlanders on YouTube (watched van Eyck and Bruegel so far and quite enjoyed it.) I also watched Three nuts for Cinderella when my headache was pretty bad and quite enjoyed that too. Rogier is still on the to do list. Plus sword training, though my sword is less than 1.5 metres long so not within social distancing limits. Probably need to take up jousting instead