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Loire II – Amboise

The second day – Monday – we visited Amboise and its castle. Much of the castle has disappeared over time and not much is to be seen inside except busloads of disrespectful tourists, the furniture consists mostly of replicas, the entrance fee is rather steep, all of this turning it a bit into a tourist trap. Nevertheless, the castle and its surroundings are very picturesque.

Link with CtB: the castle belonged to his arch enemy Louis XI’s father. Louis XI hated his father and his mistress but liked the castle and let his wife and children live in it.

No links with CtB but still interesting: Leonardo’s presumed body is buried in the St Hubert chapel on the castle grounds. Note the words presumed. At some point a skeleton was dug up somewhere else, it was concluded that it could be Leonardo and was eventually buried in the chapel. Also, Charles VIII and Anne de Bretagne lived at the castle (after research it turns out that the Jean I was researching earlier on is linked with them). It was at Amboise that Charles the VIII hit his head on a door lintel and died a few hours later.
Amboise itself is a bit meh and very touristy.

In the neighbourhood but not visited:
The Pagoda: it is just a high, not so old but neglected tower.
The mini castle park: a park with miniature versions of the Loire castles.
The Clos Lucé: this is the manor where Leonardo lived and it has been turned into a tourist attraction. After reading reviews it seemed not worth it: the manor is not the original one, the things on display are not that interesting, it is too crowded and the entrance fee is very high.

Some snaps. First off, the castle grounds and Loire. Note they use robots to mow the lawn and seeing them at work is quite funny and anachronistic. Also it took some patience and planning to avoid crowds in the pictures.

The medieval St Hubert chapel where Leonardo is buried:

Inside the castle:

Loire I – Blois

Back from our holiday in the Loire area, France. I’ve started painting again but nothing finished to show yet, so here is something else instead.

We stayed near Blois, close to the Loire and the castles. Not exactly Burgundy, rather the opposite. Here are some snaps, small selection.

Niet bepaald Bourgondië, de Loire. In feite vijandelijk gebied, want hier is het waar Louis XI verbleef en waar Jeanne d’Arc rondtrok, Jeanne d’Arc die door de Bourgondiërs zou worden gevangen genomen en door Filips de Goede ondervraagd. De meeste kastelen die we bezochten ademen vooral de Renaissance uit maar er zijn nog sporen van de echte middeleeuwen. Het was een beetje bizar om op dezelfde plekken rond te lopen als diegenen over die ik de afgelopen maanden onderzoek heb gedaan. Nog een opmerking: het meubilair dat je in de kamers ziet zijn in veel gevallen replica’s uit later tijden. Het was op sommige momenten ook een beetje een raar allegaartje. Hier wat willekeurige kiekjes.

1. De stad

2. Het kasteel

3. Het Lapidarium (monumentale decoratieve elementen die vervangen/gerecupereerd werden)

4. De zalen

5. Kunst


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