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The Sword in the Stone -Update – Jacques

Antoine de Glymes, born in 1500, he has nothing to do with this story but it seems there are no pictures of 15th century Jacques.

Still not very mobile, so read half of the book about the Burgundian mercy letters. I came across a story about a couple that eloped via abduction with consent in the 15th century and that afterwards wrote a letter to the Bold asking for mercy. The couple were from Louvain and as my grandfather’s ancestors were from that area I was interested to find out more about them and see if there was a link. My grandfather’s ancestors were simple craftsmen/women and not many records of them exist. Thus I hadn’t gotten very far in that part of the tree. When I researched the couple mentioned above, I didn’t find a link with them but somehow still accidentally progressed in the tree.

The quest led me to a couple small localities to the south of my own habitat, in the French speaking part of the country. The parish records turned out to contain many gaps so a lot of puzzling and comparing trees and sources was involved. I ran into a dead end with a knight named Jacques of Glymes. Still haven’t figured out which one of the many Jacques of Glymes he is. The first son usually got the name of their father so there are many., including some bastard sons etc. A Jacques whose date of death, location and profession match ‘my’ Jacques was involved with/fought against Charles the Bold so it’s a riddle I’d like to solve. Even without a link Jacques’ story is interesting enough. May do a fictitious portrait of him. And another location to visit as well. It’s not very far.

Saint Martin

This is the most unusual portrait of Saint Martin I’ve come across so far. First of all he looks fairly female. Secondly, the beggar is taller than him, even though the saint is sitting on a horse with bad acne. This is a fresco from the San Marti church in Puigbo (Spain). The fresco dates from the 12th century.

The more common images of Saint Martin depict him as either a man in fancy contemporary clothes or (more true to the original saint) as a soldier in Roman armour, with the begaar leaning on a stick and looking up, such as this one:

Image from Wikipedia


Dit is het boek waar ik het eerder over had. Gisteren gaan ophalen bij de lokale boekenboer. Nog niet in begonnen. Het zal me wel een aantal avonden zoet houden want het boek is tamelijk dik (bijna 600 blz).

De Flip ziet er op zijn portretten altijd heel seutig/paterachtig uit. Niet te geloven dat dat zo’n fuifnummer en vrouwengek was, eigenlijk.

The sword in the stone: In sickness and in health

The past night, long past twelve and buried under the covers, I watched Requiem. In hindsight it wasn’t probably the best idea to watch this in the middle of the night. Also, the ending was not what I expected.

This evening I came across a curious book while I was clearing up some boxes with books from the family archives. It had some portraits of Burgundians in them.

Mary of Burgundy:

And good old Flipje, slightly strange drawing as well:

The title page of the book: Hereditary diseases, roughly translated

The book is basically about heriditary deformities and diseases of the descendants of Charles Quint, but it also contains some information on Charles the Bold and his ancestors. I’m curious if there is something new to learn. At the end of the book there is also a chapter about that dude that Google’s Art & Culture thinks I look like, Charles II.

So, indeed, I haven’t read the book yet but I think it’s safe to say that the conclusion will be: Don’t marry your cousin (too often).

Tablet time

Yesterday evening I tried out my new Wacom tablet. The previous one didn’t last very long, unfortunately. My digital skills are limited, nevertheless. I used the tablet mostly for editing photographs but sometimes it is fun to make quick sketches too. I don’t have the patience for more advanced work.

Here are the two sketches I made, they’re very rough and unsymmetrical.

The first one is the result of a discussion we had during a long car trip. The discussion was about contemporary art and the (ab)use of the stale Mickey Mouse icon. I said that don’t do a lot of fan art, given copyright issues, but that the only comic character that would be good candidate because he has a Burgundian bowl cut is our local icon Jommeke. So I tried out a primitive style Jommeke:

Another sketch I made (not very symmetrical either, I know) is a portrait of Egidius, may turn it into an oil painting with the title Egidius, waer bestu bleven?

Also started a new oil painting last week, portrait of a man in larp gear (based on a picture by but not of my brother). First layer:


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