I’ve looked at the Egidius problem from a different perspective and by doing so I came across some helpful information. Apparently in the old days not only the first names but some of the last names were written in a Latinised form in the registers. I don’t think it happened with many names so I wasn’t aware of this until I stumbled upon an article about this particular family in which this was explained and with more helfpul information. Anyway, I found the records of Egidius’ wedding. Now I am going in search of his bigamous wife.

The book project thing is more or less finished so I can finally go back to regular oil painting and finish the three paintings that are awaiting completion. The book is quite messy but I don’t want to spend more time on it. Here are some sample pictures (some of them while in progress):

I’ve made progress with Charles the Bold too, but that’s for another Sword in the Stone post.