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The Rebis


The document ‘Gideon is coming’  with the – pretty bloody – quest for the Rebis is ready. This is a work in progress. I still have a lot of research to do.

I have put a password on it, but the self-hosted WP won’t let me upload a document with a password, so mail me for the document if you’re interested. And sign a NDA, obviously.

Note that our poltergeist has not gone yet. The cat keeps attacking invisible enemies and I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for ages.

Maugis the Bewitched

Not my ancestors: The Demon Chicken of Kiev

In the series Not My Ancestors today: The Demon Chicken of Kiev

The demon chicken of Kiev, not to be confused with a chicken Kiev, terrorised the earth around 1666.

This chicken was so demonic that when people saw it, they immediately fell to their knees and kissed its hooves, and begged for their lives to  be spared.

The reign of the Demon Chicken came to an end when a meteorite fell from the sky and crushed it to death.

I am not related to this chicken in any way. The chicken died without offspring.

WIP: Angels & Horses



“The Annunciation”, inspired by works of Titian and del Cossa.

Rough exploratory sketch on a piece of paper.



Numeri – Track list



Er is alweer een jaar voorbij. De site moet opnieuw in orde gezet worden. Veel werk dus. Ondertussen is hier al een ongefilterde, niet gesnoeide longlist van de “soundtrack” voor Numeri (sommige nummers zijn een beetje tongue-in-cheek).

Ze staan gegroepeerd per – ruw benoemd – genre.


Samael – Night Ride

Amorphis – House of Sleep

Rotting Chist – 666

Moonspell – Dreamless


SPK – In Flagrante Delicto

Arcana – Wings of Gabriel

Coph Nia – Credo V

Irene Papas – Asma Asmatoon

SPK – Invocation (Canto to the departed)

Sephiroth – Now Night Her Course Began

Arcana – The Calm Before The Storm

The Swans – Lunacy

Nox Arcana – Blood of the Dragon

Ordo Equilibrio – In Nomine Dei Nostri

Coph Nia – In a Lonely Place

Nox Arcana – The Rose of Winter

Ronan Quays – Malady, Sweet Company

Megaptera – Don’t desecrate the dead

Elijha’s Mantle – Misere de Profundis


La Rosa Enflorese – Morena me yaman

Angels of Venice – The Sins of Salome

Trobar de Morte – In the Garden of Serenity

Montserrat La Figuera – Yo Soy la Locura

L’Ham de Foc – Angels de Menta

Llibre Vermell de Montserrat – Mariam, Matrem Virginem

Al Andaluz Project – La Galana y el Mar

Heather Dale – Mordred’s Lullaby

Angels of Venice – Queen of the Sun

Trobar de Morte – Cuncti Simus Concanentes

Estampie – Ahi, Amors


Sisters of Mercy – Driven Like the Snow

G.O.D. – Der Herr der Finsternis

Eden – Why?

Snake Dance – Fall From Grace

Ikon – The Garden of the Lost

Pretentious Moi – Faith and Reason Part Company

Santa Hates You – Pack your bags, honey, we’re going to hell!

Frank The Baptist – Letters to Earth

Element – Red Meat and Beauty Queens

Art of Erebus – Brotherhood of Sleep

The New Creatures – Faith:  Dit nummer is eigenlijk het themanummer, maar is helaas nergens volledig op het internet te vinden. Het nummer staat op de ondergewaardeerde CD “Cunning, Baffling, Powerful!’ en op enkele gothic samplers.

Play Dead – This Side of Heaven

Salvation – Shattered Sky

The Merry Thoughts – Low Violet

Abney Park – She Last Exile


VAST – Touched

Beloved Enemy – Drowning

Lilly Wood & The Prick – Prayer in C

Led Zeppelin – If I were a carpenter

Madrugada – Look Away, Lucifer

Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat – You Will Reap A Whirlwind

O.W.L. – Upon the wings of Gabriel







Update cover.


Eerste (ruwe) versie van de cover.


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