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WIP: The jewels in the crown

Just some random WIP of the past week, mainly studies.

More or less finished Louis IX with some jewels in his crown
Ifigeneia – olieverf op papier – studie naar de film
Studie van Vanni Marcoux als Charles le Téméraire in Le miracle des loups – olieverf op papier
The Bold quest heeft me ondertussen bij Lorenzo de Medici doen belanden, dus ik zit weer waar ik vertrokken ben, in de Italiaanse renaissance. Hier een snelle waterverfstudie op papier van een oude Italiaan op Boticelli’s Aanbidding der wijzen. Het kan Lorenzo zijn, of Giuliano of nog iemand anders.
Eindelijk nog eens aan The Bold voortgedaan. Met ros haar staat hij ook wel :/. Let ook op de uiterst Bourgondische tafelbeschermer.
Officële titel: “In 1447 verplichtte Filips de Goede de ridders van de Orde van het Gulden Vlies bij officiële gelegenheden een das te dragen.”
Doordenker HA HA HA. Werkt helaas alleen in het Nederlands.
Olieverf op doek 30 x 25
Is een studie voor misschien ooit een grotere versie en miniatuurborstels aanschaffen voor dat collier. Eerst Anton afwerken.
En misschien doe ik ooit nog wel eens iets met Jeanne d’Arc. Ze is ook gelinkt aan de Bourgondiërs.

WIP for this week

A quick one before I go back to painting. I spent too much time on researching badgers today.

Here are the paintings I’m working on. Most of them will look familiar. I paint in thin layers so all of them are taking forever. Note that the pictures were taken in the evening in a fairly dark room so the colours are a bit off. I went to pick up some medium in the paint store yesterday which I should have done a long time ago. It’s something in between thinner and oil but we don’t use it with the watersoluble paints in the atelier. It makes painting with real oils a lot easier and it smells good. The only thing I don’t understand is why the manufacturer put it in a bottle with a small opening because it is a gel and it doesn’t flow so you have to scoop it out somehow. These sort of design failures are the ones that drive me crazy.

1 The panel of C the B.

I’m a little bit further than this. I have redone some bits more than a few times. The problem is that the van der Weyden looks rather cartoonish is and then I want to change things which is never a good idea. At some point everything will be off that way.

2 The Larper

No work done on this one this week.

3 Antoine

A little bit of work done on the face, now he has to dry up again.

4 The battle of Ilion

Working on the background before I do the figures.

5 Gulielmus Burgundus

I have no words for this, it’s so terrible HA HA HA

And two new paintings, both 60 by 80. Both very rough wild first layers.

6 Oscar

Based on a 100 year + picture of a local actor. It’s more 17th century I think.

7 Animo Inquieto

This is part of the C t B series I’m doing, the B having a mental breakdown. Not sure yet where this is going to go. I am not going to put badgers in this one.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have posted that portrait of Moore first. The contrast is huge, he he.


When I said I hadn’t watched any tv, I forgot I watched a short series about Julius Caesar which was quite amusing as he was more like a muscled Marvel superhero and not the rather dour, skinny general with the bony knees I remember from my Latin classes and assorted statues. Cleopatra was very attractive too but maybe a bit too modern as well.

Anyway. Yesterday I found more specific info about the B’s heart in a book about Burgundians (not the Loo one but an older one) so fifteen minutes well spent.

Today I put some more paint on Antoine’s portrait but it still needs a lot of work. I also painted the first layer of a new larger canvas “Animo Inquieto”. It’s basically a progressed version of the drawing of the book incident (not to be confused with the boot incident). I am a bit stuck with the background. I am not very good with backgrounds.

I also made some sketches for Oscar, a painting based on an old photograph of a rather comical actor, I think it’s doable. The actor reminds me of the type of people Frans Hals painted so I guess I’ll try it in that style. Also spent time on the B’s panel portrait. I have decided to use the vdWeyden as a base and use some pictures of real people as guides for the shading, eyes, etc. I am not interested in making an exact copy.

Did some quick sketches over last month. I am not going to make excuses for them. It’s this or nothing. I have tried.

Armour study
John the Baptist after Michaelina
baby brother and me, I was cleaning up my baby album. Trivia:
Sheep’s head
Quick sketch after Memling, as a study for Animo

Tablet time

Yesterday evening I tried out my new Wacom tablet. The previous one didn’t last very long, unfortunately. My digital skills are limited, nevertheless. I used the tablet mostly for editing photographs but sometimes it is fun to make quick sketches too. I don’t have the patience for more advanced work.

Here are the two sketches I made, they’re very rough and unsymmetrical.

The first one is the result of a discussion we had during a long car trip. The discussion was about contemporary art and the (ab)use of the stale Mickey Mouse icon. I said that don’t do a lot of fan art, given copyright issues, but that the only comic character that would be good candidate because he has a Burgundian bowl cut is our local icon Jommeke. So I tried out a primitive style Jommeke:

Another sketch I made (not very symmetrical either, I know) is a portrait of Egidius, may turn it into an oil painting with the title Egidius, waer bestu bleven?

Also started a new oil painting last week, portrait of a man in larp gear (based on a picture by but not of my brother). First layer:

Dead ends

Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer

The past week I have not been well at all, and did not go out much. I’ve spent several days travelling back and forth between 1473 and 1667 AD, researching the gaps in the lives of two separate persons. There are not many online documents to consult, certainly not before 1600, and what I’ve found is incomplete, eaten by rodents, not accurate or just plain wrong, because people who wrote the information down didn’t double check facts or even thought logically (it seems very unlikely to me that an elderly – illegitimate child and all – priest would have a go at jousting, e.g.). I have ended up in many dead alleys and it’s very frustrating. At the same time definitely getting better at deciphering 17th century manuscripts in Latin.

As for the research on the B, I have finished the chronicles of Jean de Haynin on Christmas day and am now reading Olivier de la Marche’s memoires. It’s a scan of a 19th century edition, in old French that’s not too hard to understand. Halfway through the third volume of four so far.

Art project is also not going according to plan. I have finished the miniatures and am putting the book together. I smeared most of the glue and paint in my hair, made a couple big stains in the book and cut my hand, so far not so good. I just saw some cakes that were better painted on the internet so I am ready to throw the book out of the window. Maybe the Righteous Judges in miniature format was a bit too ambitious.

Some creepy nightmares, my brain warning me to take it easy. It will all fall into place, I’m sure, just not now.

Couple samples of gouache/ink/watercolour paintings:

Nicolas Rolin and a dragon.
More or less copied from a prayer book of the B.


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