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New paths

A couple weeks before the lockdown I borrowed a book from the local library called ‘Meesterwerk van van Eyck tot Rubens in detail’. I borrowed it because it has very good quality images of details of the Seven Sacraments. I wanted to study them because I’m copying a couple paintings by Rogier van der Weyden and his atelier and this book has better details than you can see in real life or online (though for the Mystic Lamb there is an even better website).

Anyway, it turned out that I mostly spent time looking at the detais of Hugo van der Goes’s Adoration of the Magi. I was quite intrigued by the two boys especially because they are not the usual medieval “stock image” (though all Hugo’s figures look particularly lifelike). There is an interesting development but it is late already and it is too long a story for this post. I’ll save it for one of the coming days. I had to turn the book back in and because of the lockdown I cannot just walk into the library and take it home again. Maybe I’ll try to borrow it via their covid-free pickup moments.

Two other things I have been looking into extensively the past couple weeks are the history of Jacques de Glimes and the colour symbolology of Charles the Bold’s vestments. I have already talked about this but I want to do it in a more systematic way. Alexander the Great, the Bold’s example, is also a possibility for a new post.

The art of recycling

Yesterday and today I’ve spent most of the time drawing sketches based on paintings and photographs, to improve my drawing skills. One of the paintings in the queue was the painting ‘The Flight of Charles the Bold’ by Eugene Burnand, dated around 1895, because horses and suits of armour are a struggle:

The painting depicts the flight of the Burgundians after losing the battle of Morat against the Swiss army in 1476.

Apart from the fact that Charles the Bold in the painting doesn’t quite look like the real Charles the Bold, I get the impression that his face was reycled in the back of the train:

Maybe it’s the doppler effect.


Yeah, it’s a slow day.

Small things

Today I worked on the following:

  • Painted a few sketches
  • Added some details on a Louis XI portrait on paper
  • Wasn’t pleased with Charles’ doublet so made some changes
  • Painted some details on Brexit

Just a couple of sketches in oil paint on brown paper:

Sketch of Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary in the 15th century

Fantasy portrait of Henry Beaufort, based on miniatures of his family members, wanted it to look miniature like, in which everybody looks more or less the same.

WIP – Update

Currently working on a number of paintings and studies, both at home and at the academy. Not going to post the intermediate work here but here’s a list of the WIP:

  • The copy of the van der Weyden portrait of Charles (not the Bold yet): I want to work on the doublet next week, before I continue with the hair and the hands
  • Oscar: working on the background, not sure what to do with it yet
  • Brexit: working on some details
  • Monthléry: adding more items to the background
  • Agincourt: first layer of the knight
  • Study on paper of the angel’s face of Rembrandt’s Jacob and the angel
  • Study on paper of a portrait of Charles the Bold
  • Study of the face of the Gossaert portrait (see previous post)
  • Small postcard size portrait of Philip the Good for a project.
  • Prepared two new canvases.

Working on an alternative biography of Charles the Bold.

Working on the bibliography for the item mentioned above.


Still busy with Henry/Olivier sketches.

Studying several so-called crypto portraits of Charles the Bold and assembling a bibliography.

Sword training. Still need to create a decent Burgundian/French costume but already found some fairly medieval looking leather boots in the thrift store.

Started work on the miniatures. Started a new sketchbook because my drawing skills need to improve drastically if I want to progress. Meanwhile working on several paintings, none of them finished yet. Here are some samples, while the cat is eating several items on my desk, including one of the magi of the epiphany cake.

Brexit. I got further than this, but no picture of it yet. Lots of reflections unfortunately. Yes, that’s a rat. Rat leaving the sinking ship.

Worked on Oscar, but not on the B at home.

Study/sketch of Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall. I mixed water colour and oil paint which is not something you’re supposed to do and thus the colours are quite flat in the picture. I’m also a bit frustrated by how difficult it is to take decent pictures of paintings and drawings. But no excuses…


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