Of cats and skulls

The past few weeks have mostly been filled with sorting and listing old stuff and assignment related work.  I have also been studying a couple books for the sequel to Lazarus, mostly about Babylon and Grail stuff. Last but not least I’ve set up a small side site with some random funny images I encounter here and there. No fixed posting schedule so expectations are low.

There is not a lot of WIP  – written or painted –  ready to be flung on the net right now (it never is, really).  Instead I offer you a short overview of an art echibition we visited last week, Spanish still life at the Bozar (Brussels).  I was mainly interested in seeing the Velazquez up close as I’m still working on the copy of the dead Jesus but that was a little disappointing. However, there were two large canvases by Antonio de Pereda which was great. I’ve been studying those exact paintings for the Baroque style still life I still have on my plate, pun intended. It was possible to look at the paintings from a very short distance so we set off the alarms quite a few times, he he.

So here are some pictures I took, with some random comments included. Enjoy.

Small painting of books by an anonymous painter.  The colours and the light were exquisite.

Left side of the Velazquez painting. A bit drab imho.

A cat that looked a lot like our own house tiger hiding in one of the still lifes.

Melon and dead birds, the ideal dinner companions.

Another dead bird, by Goya this time.

Look at the man’s nose.

And next details of two of the Pereda paintings:


The knight’s dream. The light on the knight was amazing.



No overview but some details of the other Vanitas painting by Pereda:

A highly detailed globe

My favourite bit of the entire collection: the reflection in the harness


And last but not least the picture stuck to the table cover:

That’s all for today, folks…



Just some random art by others

Blijkbaar heb ik al drie weken niets meer op de site gezet. Het is dan ook erg druk geweest, niet alleen vanwege de feesten maar ook vanwege allerlei andere toestanden. Niets geschilderd dat de moeite waard is om te tonen. Beetje kunst van anderen dan maar.

Gisteren waren we op bedrijfsbezoek in Tilburg en daarna was er nog wat tijd over. We hebben de overzichtstentoonstelling 25 jaar De Pont bezocht. De Pont is een museum voor moderne kunst dat in een oude wolspinnerij is gevestigd. De ruimtes zijn enorm groot en dat maakte het bezoek wel lekker rustig. Er zijn een hoop werken van bekende namen te bekijken en ook een hoop dingen die ik niet snap. Hieronder een kort overzichtje. Alleen slechte foto’s waren toegestaan, vandaar de lage kwaliteit.

Eerst een selectie met mijn eigen favorieten.

Thierry De Cordier:

Het is niet te zien op de foto maar deze sculptuur is enorm hoog.

Dan een soort dinges op papier van iemand waarvan ik de naam ben vergeten:

Dit had een hoog fantasy/metal/tatoeagegehalte. Het was eveneens redelijk groot.

Deze tafel en vier stoelen waren letterlijk reuzegroot. Als je eronder stond had je ongeveer de grootte van een kleine poes of een flinke rat. Ik weet niet of het echt kunst is maar ik hou wel van dit soort dingen.

Homeless Cat van Claerbout. Tekeningen van schattige poesjes zijn altijd leuk.

Ik ben vergeten de naam van de auteur van deze foto te noteren helaas:

Een muur van foto’s van kiekjes van Engelse mensen. Deze vond ik wel een beetje grappig:

Een beeld in de herkenbare stijl van Herlinde De Bruyckere:

Dit is een enorm groot werk van iemand (helaas, naam vergeten te noteren). Door de grootte en de uitsnijding was het enorm decoratief:

Dik opgezet macaber schilderij (corpussen op ateliervloer heet het, geloof ik) van Mulders. Het linkse gezicht vond ik mooi geschilderd:

Geen idee wat dit is. Het lijkt op twee rare borsten en het was wel grappig eigenlijk:

Deze macabere foto van Wall van iemand die in een lab een soort gemummificeerde arm zit te tekenen was ook wel interessant:

En dan zijn er de dingen die ik niet snap (maar anderen dus duidelijk wel):

Tuymans’ saaie meubels.

Dumas’ vieze baby’s.

Braeckmans vuile was.

En dit, dit snap ik al helemaal niet:




WIP Week 48 – With a little help from my friend

It’s probably not the best move to post the sketches/studies of this week right after a post with some of the best works of Gerhard Richter, but it is what it is. So here is an overview of WIP of this week.

Still cleaning up the family archives. Found some old pictures of the hallway in the house we live in. They were in an old album that I will have to return to the rightful owner after I am done with scanning. Going by the dates in the album I reckon the picture below is about 90 years old. Several tenants have lived in the house since the picture was taken and the hallway looks totally different now.

And a picture of what car repairs looked like in the 1920ies:

Academy: We had the first model drawing/painting session of the year. In general I do not enjoy these sessions very much so I’m glad it’s only once a month

Had one of those old pictures enlarged for a new painting assignment.

Didn’t do any painting at home and I’m a bit behind with my assignments so I need to catch up on some work this afternoon.

Here are the sketches in my sketchbook of this week. The smudges are mostly made by the cat who decided to help me. Note that the drawings are not meant to be finished drawings, just explorations. The sketch book is one of those dummy books that you can buy at certain outlet book shops. The paper is A4 size, off white and quite course. It is not very fit for use with ink or paint. Too absorbent.

In chronological order:

John the Baptist by da Vinci. The arm is very crooked as halfway I decided to use a copy of it by another painter that is not so fuzzy as  the smudgy Leonardo version. I read somewhere that the man in the picture is Leonardo’s boyfriend, for what it is worth.  Trivia: I find the original painting quite ugly.

St. Catherine by M M d Caravaggio. Random trivia: The cat fell asleep on it when I was halfway so I didn’t finish it.

Searching for the colour scheme of a persimmon. Random trivia: I ate one of the persimmons I bought for the still life. It tasted of absolutely nothing. Not recommended.

Salvator Mundi by Leonarda dV. I read an article in the newspaper about the auction of this painting and had to have a go at it. Unfortunately the pictures on the net are not very clear so the beard looks like very old fungus.

When looking for paintings by Raffaello Sanzio I came across a picture of a French singer called Raphael so made a quick sketch with a beige coloured pencil as he has such a pretty androgynous Renaissancy face. I have darkened the original picture of the sketch a little.

This is based on a discoloured picture in one of the old albums. It had changed to a purple hue over time.

Several body parts of Gabriel in the Annunciation by Adriaen van de Velde as a study of the fabric. The face doesn’t look like the original, I had someone else in mind halfway through the drawing. I suppose the same model was used for the angel in the painting with Jesus in the garden, also wearing an orange robe. He looks very Dutch. The Dutch love orange. I used the site of the Rijksmuseum as it’s possible to zoom in on the picture in great detail.
Trivia: Find the nipple slip in the original.

And another quick study of the Lute player by Hals as I have to work on the second layer of the copy. The cat was very annoying and kept interfering when I was drawing this so it’s very rudimentary end unfinished.

The End