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The quest for the Holy Grail, episode 666

This post is not really going to be about the Holy Grail, more about illustrations. Random inspiring illustrations that have a vague or not so vague connection to Hell and demons.

While cleaning up old children’s books that came from my grandmother I encountered a copy of ‘Parzival de reine dwaas’ (Parsifal the pure fool). The writer of the book is Cor Ria Leeman and it was illustrated by Rik Jansseune (1955). The book starts with a prologue that describes how Lucifer lost his emerald while battling Michael, which is quite interesting as I am not used to reading stories about the lapis exillis in a children’s book. Here is a rather dramatic scene with the Grail:

Another interesting illustrator of Parsifal (1912) is Willy Pogany. I can’t find direct online versions so I have to go via Pinterest. There is plenty to be found  in general searches online though. What I find interesting about the illustrations are not just the drawings themselves but the way he uses blank space:

One of the most famous books about Hell and demons apart from the better parts of the bible is the Divina Commedia. I have a few (modern reprints, obviously) versions of the Divina Commedia, some sort of medieval roadtrip. In the first leg of the tour, Dante and Vergil go visit Hell. I have always been fond of the illustrations of Gustave Doré. They are iconic and can be found everywhere so I’m not including a sample of those, just some more obscure ones. For starters the interesting paintings (not sure what they are,  they look like watercolours) by François-Maurice Roganeau . For example:

I found them online here:  La Divine Comédie, Dante, peinte par François-Maurice Roganeau, Laurens 1912

Doré, whom I mentioned before also illustrated Paradise Lost. Those illustrations are just as famous, so not including a sample of those. (I do like Dorés enourmous painting of Virgil and Dante, btw).

However, by accident I discovered that Milton’s book was also illustrated at the beginning of last century by a certain William Hyde about whom I can barely find information online, just a couple samples of his moody black and white illustrations:

That’s about it. I have to do some real work now.


WIP Week 48 – With a little help from my friend

It’s probably not the best move to post the sketches/studies of this week right after a post with some of the best works of Gerhard Richter, but it is what it is. So here is an overview of WIP of this week.

Still cleaning up the family archives. Found some old pictures of the hallway in the house we live in. They were in an old album that I will have to return to the rightful owner after I am done with scanning. Going by the dates in the album I reckon the picture below is about 90 years old. Several tenants have lived in the house since the picture was taken and the hallway looks totally different now.

And a picture of what car repairs looked like in the 1920ies:

Academy: We had the first model drawing/painting session of the year. In general I do not enjoy these sessions very much so I’m glad it’s only once a month

Had one of those old pictures enlarged for a new painting assignment.

Didn’t do any painting at home and I’m a bit behind with my assignments so I need to catch up on some work this afternoon.

Here are the sketches in my sketchbook of this week. The smudges are mostly made by the cat who decided to help me. Note that the drawings are not meant to be finished drawings, just explorations. The sketch book is one of those dummy books that you can buy at certain outlet book shops. The paper is A4 size, off white and quite course. It is not very fit for use with ink or paint. Too absorbent.

In chronological order:

John the Baptist by da Vinci. The arm is very crooked as halfway I decided to use a copy of it by another painter that is not so fuzzy as  the smudgy Leonardo version. I read somewhere that the man in the picture is Leonardo’s boyfriend, for what it is worth.  Trivia: I find the original painting quite ugly.

St. Catherine by M M d Caravaggio. Random trivia: The cat fell asleep on it when I was halfway so I didn’t finish it.

Searching for the colour scheme of a persimmon. Random trivia: I ate one of the persimmons I bought for the still life. It tasted of absolutely nothing. Not recommended.

Salvator Mundi by Leonarda dV. I read an article in the newspaper about the auction of this painting and had to have a go at it. Unfortunately the pictures on the net are not very clear so the beard looks like very old fungus.

When looking for paintings by Raffaello Sanzio I came across a picture of a French singer called Raphael so made a quick sketch with a beige coloured pencil as he has such a pretty androgynous Renaissancy face. I have darkened the original picture of the sketch a little.

This is based on a discoloured picture in one of the old albums. It had changed to a purple hue over time.

Several body parts of Gabriel in the Annunciation by Adriaen van de Velde as a study of the fabric. The face doesn’t look like the original, I had someone else in mind halfway through the drawing. I suppose the same model was used for the angel in the painting with Jesus in the garden, also wearing an orange robe. He looks very Dutch. The Dutch love orange. I used the site of the Rijksmuseum as it’s possible to zoom in on the picture in great detail.
Trivia: Find the nipple slip in the original.

And another quick study of the Lute player by Hals as I have to work on the second layer of the copy. The cat was very annoying and kept interfering when I was drawing this so it’s very rudimentary end unfinished.

The End

WIP: Angels & Horses



“The Annunciation”, inspired by works of Titian and del Cossa.

Rough exploratory sketch on a piece of paper.



WIP: Vanalles en niks

Diorama in de Efteling. Gewoon een prentje als intro voor de post.

Vandaag wat random dingen door elkaar en wat WIP. Volgend weekend bezoek aan Richter. Dit weekend wat doeken voorbereiden voor volgende week.

Hier nog een paar dingen die mijn aandacht getrokken hebben vorige week:

Een werk van Jorge Azri. Misschien niet meteen iets voor in deze grijze contreien op te hangen maar het was mooi gedaan. Mixed media, vrij groot.  (iets van een 2m hoog). 5000 euro maar het paste niet in mijn handbagage (lol). Alle gekheid op een stokje, ik heb een paar andere dingen op het oog.

Deze affiche voor Halloween

deed me onmiddellijk denken aan een recent werk van Giorgio Dante (ha ha ha).

Zelf nog bezig geweest aan Rudolph Valentino maar zijn ogen zijn nog niet goed. Voorlopige versie op de site gezet onder beelden maar ik ga hem eerst wat laten drogen voor de correcties te doen. Morgen ga ik verder met de Cristo.

Voor de schilderles een paar snelle schetsen, weliswaar met ‘major flaws’, op oud briefpapier dat hier rondslingerde gemaakt als voorbereiding voor het volgende opgelegde werk. Na overleg wordt het de Hals ipv de Caravaggio  of de van Dyck.

Het briefpapier is wat gelig en heeft een soort gelijnde structuur. Het is wat te donker aan mijn computer om tekenwerk te doen. Ik ga terug verhuizen naar mijn hol de komende weken. Daar heb ik daglicht.

Tijdens mijn afwezigheid is de klas heringericht. Ik heb nu een soort cubicle die ik met iemand die op andere uren les volgt deel. Ook Hermes is eindelijk uit de kast gekomen en staat na een jaar weer naast mij.

Hij staat met zijn gezicht naar mijn ezel gekeerd, vandaar het sippe gezicht waarschijnlijk. Het schilderij is niet van mij nb.

See you later, alligators.

Tips & tricks and one bare bum

Het is Allerzielen en over enkele dagen gaat de wereld nog maar eens vergaan naar het schijnt dus snel nog wat Uit-tips. Komende dagen is er deel twee van de Sehnsucht expo. Ik ben in het voorjaar naar deel een geweest in de Limburg en dat was klein maar heel erg de moeite (zie vorige post). Ik veronderstel dat deel twee gelijkaardig is. Hier de links uit Uit in Vlaanderen met alle info erbij:

Sehnsucht Expo – Algemene info 
Sehnsucht Expo – Triptiek van de Dood
Sehnsucht Expo – Lezing


De info over Richter is hier te vinden: Richter. Niet dat het meteen mijn meest favoriete schilder is, maar het is een studiebezoek. Ik heb ondertussen ook opgezocht wat ik in het Museum voor Oude Schilderijtjes zou willen bekijken als er nog tijd is. Vooral de kitscherige billen van Hermaphroditus eigenlijk.

The Nymph Salmacis and Hermaphroditus by Navez (image: Wikipedia)


Schrijfwedstrijden: geen aanraders voorlopig.


[Language switch]

Those were the tips concerning local entertainment, now the tricks. When I prepared the canvas for Rudolph I thought it would be a good idea to use a layer of gold acrylic paint as a base to make it look like one of those old medieval Italian paintings. Normally this should work fine. However it seems like the oil paint doesn’t stick well to the gold. (Used real oils, not the Artisan). So I wiped it clean and used a fresh canvas and redid the sketch. I had some paint left over from the first layer. It wasn’t enough to keep on the plate for a day but too much to throw away. So I used it on the first canvas despite the problems. I did some rough version of a John the Evangelist by del Sarto but it looks more like “Self-portrait as a zombie”. The gold paint seems to interact with the oils as well. I am going to leave it as is for a while and see what happens. Another experiment in (t)error. I’ll continue with Rudolph first. Conclusion: gold acrylic paint does not seem to be a good base for oil paints.


I found another great portrait for our next assignment at the academy, this lute player by Frans Hals. He looks comical and all but this is going to be even harder to paint than the Jordaens.

Image: Wikipedia


And now I am off.



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