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Weekly update

The plan was to update this site with the newest research starting from the first week of January, but before I could do that I needed to backup my pc as it has been acting up, and sort through thousands of files. That took somewhat longer than expected, especially as I took a break over the Christmas period. Today I am just going to give a little summary of ongoing activity.

Burgundian research

Burgundian research is going quite well. I have managed to find e-versions of a number of very interesting old books containing exactly the information I was looking for. Updates will be added here over time. Short versions and additional pictures can be found on my Instagram.


With the Covid restrictions this is suspended indefinitely. I don’t think a lot will happen this year. I expect we will be locked up even more in the coming weeks and months. It’s all getting very tedious and depressing.

House hunting

Not going well. With all the Covid restictions it is hard to find anything suitable. Travel over the border is getting more and more complicated. We are trying to get a viewing of a couple houses but do not have much hope of progessing with this soon. Our hopes were to have it round by now but it will be good if it’s before summer. It would be handy to have a larger workspace/studio when I’m done with my classes in June.


Working on my final project for my last year. Again, motivation is very low because classes keep getting suspended, with probably another shutdown soon. I used not to mind working at home, but now it’s the other way round. Being shut in the house almost 24/7, especially in winter, when it’s cold in most of the house and with not much daylight, sucks up the little energy I have left.

I am working on a series of paintings based on a set of medieval paintings but I can’t show any of it here. Here are a couple other paintings I amost finished yesterday. One is based on an old home movie, the other on a painting by Diego Velazquez. They were painted over old paintings and not intended as studies/exercises.

Short update

The Death of Roland

Just some random thoughts/ramblings. I’ve had a headache for days on end, can’t think clearly.

I’m expecting a real lockdown today or tomorrow – could be wrong – so we went out yesterday evening to get some stuff we were out of. A two week supply’s worth, not exaggerating. Maybe that’s a mistake, time will tell. As long as we don’t have to eat the cat… Too much fat.

This morning I reluctantly went on a quick forage in the small supermarket nearby to get some stuff that was no longer available in the other shop yesterday. Wasn’t keen on this but the hamsters are still out and it was already becoming crowded. Toilet paper being dragged out of the shop before the shop assistant was able to store it on the shelves It’s become very difficult to get hold of flour, eggs, and milk. And toilet paper. We’ll see how it goes after this.

Academy is closed. I’m a fourth year student so I have no assignments, can do my own stuff. Am working on some paintings in progress. I already stocked up on materials during the spring holidays because I expected problems. At home I paint with real oils but in the atelier with water soluble oil paints. Normally I leave my art school paint at the academy but last week I took my paint home after each class because there was always a chance that lessons would be cancelled unexpectedly, which is exactly what happened. There was an e-mail that we could pick up our work in progress a couple hours before closure but I missed that so one painting I’m working on is still on the easel. Yeah well, not to mind.

I’ve updated the page with the physical characteristics of Charles the Bold under III in the menu. (What did Charles the Bold look like?) The password has been removed, so the page is accessible now, but it’s a work in progress and additions will be made over time.

Until next time maybe. Life is becoming more and more surreal.

Short update

Study for Wormwood

So the year 2020 is now 12 days old and the festivities are over, so it’s time for a roundup.

First of all I wanted to update my site but since I updated to the latest WP app, it has been acting up. Either it’s a problem of the plug-ins interfering with something or there’s a problem on WP’s end. In any case, I’m postponing the update for a week, hopefully it will all be solved by then.

Art school: So far I have finished only one real painting this year, apart from numerous studies, so that is not going great. Also I am quite frustrated with my lack of progress. I am not sure where the problem lies: maybe I did not spend enough time on it (I couldn’t because of all the other obligations), maybe I should take more drawing lessons, maybe I’ve reached my limit. Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going. I have started two paintings last week but my heart is not in it. We’ll see how it goes.

Work at home: same situation. I have decided I will finish what I still have lying around first instead of starting numerous paintings that will lie around neglected.

The days are still very short so in the evenings I am going to spend time on the quest and do some further research on the 1400’s. I also need to clear out my workroom because I had to store some stuff that came from my parents. The room is a huge mess at the moment with no room for books or laptops on the table or anywhere else. That’s something for next week.

A typical resolution is to exercise more etc, but I’m already doing that so no need to do more, except add some training at home with sword and bow.

Foodwise I have cut milk products, alcohol and bread from the menu. I’ve become intolerant to something and I don’t know what it is yet. We’ll see how that goes. The only thing I know is that vegan cheese is absolutely disgusting. Same goes for most non-alcoholic beer, lol.


Last Sunday we went on an art field trip to the Netherlands. The Voorlinden museum of contemporary art is a privately owned museum, not far from The Hague. To be completely honest, I only went along because Charles the Bold spent time in the Hague and I wanted to cross this place of my list. I am not super into non-figurative art. We didn’t really go into the city so I am not sure it counts but whatever.

In the museum, which cost an arm and a leg to enter, there were a few artworks by Anselm Kiefer, very large, the colours were interesting but the ideas behind them were quite depressing (WWII nazi crimes and such). Other art was by Louise Bourgeois, of whom I’d never heard before the art history classes we had to take last year. For the rest the museum was filled with a mix of works by miscellaneous contemporary artists (think large blue squares and a room full of old doormats).

Afterwards we went to the beach of Scheveningen. In very short time it got dark and thick fog coverd land and sea, which rendered everything quite spooky. A late Halloween, in other words. I didn’t smell the sea, the only smell was the stench of fried fish and chips and the sound of the rolling waves was drowned by the noise of the casino on the pier.


I have been painting and drawing a lot the past couple weeks but I’m a very slow painter and haven’t finished anything yet. Most of it are small studies and sketches in oil paint, some more of Henry V but also other stuff. I am not going to post them here yet. I have posted bits and pieces on IG, and I have destroyed almost as many as I have made.

As for the quest: our field trip meant a total of five hours in a bus so to pass the time I have been reading the chronicles of Philippe de Commynes, looking for treasure but I only found trash. Almost finished with them.

Been experimenting with digitising old 8mm and super 8 home recordings from the family archives. Not all of them are equally exciting, lol.

The past couple months I have watched a few series and films during breaks and in the evenings: The Crown 3rd season (good and bad bits); a couple episodes of nordic crime (usually good but weird); one quarter of The knight before Christmas (absolutely cringeworthy), Salvation (simple but entertaining), The Arrow (last season is a bit superfluous); Henry V twice (riveting); Het zwaard van Ardoewaan (long past its sell by date ha ha); two episodes of Outlaw King (not very good, mostly due to the strange editing); Midnight Diner (entertaining).

On the list-to-watch: The Tudors; The Medici; The White Queen (my reenactment group were extras in it apparently), Wolf Hall and The King.

Good night, sweet ladies.

For whom the bells toll

Just an overview of June and the beginning of July. It is about a month ago that I last posted something so a few things have happened since then.

2019 is six months old. The Charles the B quest and artwork have been on the back burner for a while because there was a lot of stuff that had to be done for art school (end of year activities such as the open days, plein air painting etc.), real life (clearing out houses, taxes, etc) and extracurricular activities (reenactment). I have been updating IG with about a picture a day but I haven’t updated the pages of this site yet.

1. Open days

There were many adult students and children graduating from the academy this year. Their exhibition took place in a local museum that has been temporarily emptied for renovation works later on. I didn’t take any photographs of the exhibition, though. It was very hot and crowded during the opening weekend so I didn’t bother.

The open days of the other students took place in their own ateliers. I was there for demo painting on Friday night but didn’t achieve a lot (apart from chatting with friends, Romans and countrymen :/).

The painting atelier. It’s usually not so tidy during the year, but full of pupils, easels and workbenches, etc.

On the hottest day of the year so far we had our yearly “Place du Tertre” event where students (volunteers) sit down at their easels and draw or paint people (volunteers and models) in public. Here is a view from my easel on the square where the museum of the exhibition is located. For privacy reasons no pictures of my drawings or the general public.

The building is the old prison. It looks medieval but it’s not that old. It’s a small museum now.

2. Random things

Too hot to hike but there was a guided tour of the church belfry of the Roman + many other ages church a week ago. It doesn’t happen often and it’s something I wanted to do for quite some time.

The church with the bell tower on the left. You enter the tower via a small door at the bottom.
The first floor can be reached via a narrow spiral staircase.
From one of the windows of the tower one can see the gothic church. Building ended in around 1470 but it was never actually finished as it was intended to be at least 2,3 times as large.
The carillon at the top under the vaulted ceiling. Originally it dates from the first quarter of the 18th century. It can be played automatically or manually.
Counterweight of a clock, one floor down in a side room.
The thing that intrigued me the most was the dark room beneath the counterweights. The floor is sand/dust and what you see is a wooden walkway. It was not accessible.
Interior. I took this during a previous visit.

3. Reenactment

Spent the weekend at Hélécine, at the medieval weekend. My grandparents used to live in a neighbouring village, just a couple miles away, so I know the domain quite well. I didn’t camp there, however. Some pictures made with my phone in a rush, so not great quality.

Castle of Hélécine, not medieval.
Tents (not our group)
More tents
Dudes in armour. Red cross so guess Burgundians
Soupçon de bataille
Battle, removed the visitors as much as I could, hence the strange framing

4. The quest

Not much done. Reading the Hermit book about Charles the Bold, the memoirs of Filips van Komen.


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