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Egidius, waer bestu bleven?

The title of this post (Egidius, where are you?) is the first line of a poem in Middle Dutch in which Egidius’ friend is lamenting his death.

The past few days I’ve been trying to find an other Egidius in online registers, without succes. He is supposed to be born in the middle of the 17th century but all that remains of the registers of his supposed birth place are a couple torn illegible pages. There is something off with the information about him that I found online so I wanted to check for myself. The major hurdles I encountered so far are a) When the subjects are simple people from simple places, most traces end around 1580-1600. b) When their last names are not very common, there are less chances of confusing them with someone else which is a plus, but it also means less research was done by other people which I could start from c) The data in the parish registers are sometimes very vague when they’re from a small village: e.g. “The second daughter of Martin died today” d) There are people with clear handwriting and then there are the cases in which the church cat probably filled out the register. e) When the register is from the first days of the French Republic, about 1800, they used this weird calender system with odd years and month names (the flower month and other rather hipster names) which require converting. f) Spelling variants of last names through the ages, not to mention all the illegitimate children g) First name variants. There are usually three official variants: Latin, French and Dutch. But because there was only a limited choice of approved names, many people were baptised Mary, Joseph, John or Peter but they would be known under another first name, a short form or just a different name alltogether. Eg Someone baptised Ioannis but called Jacques in daily life. Egidius may have been Gilles in this case.

I did find the real identity of my unknown jouster in Olivier’s chronicles but that was 200 years earlier and not a relative. I have also gathered more Burgundian info but that’s for another post.

The rest of the time I was covered in glue and paint trying to finish the little book project. I needed some medievalish fabric for the cover so I went to retrieve a box in the parental attic. I hate going up in that attic because the access goes via a rickety ladder, the attic is very old, very dusty and very spooky, full of strange objects from previous inhabitants, with a good chance of dead pigeons and mummified bats.

Mmm, a box of legs, wings, liver, hearts, stomachs….

There are some pieces of fabric in this box that are quite, ahm, interesting. They originally came from the attic of my grandmother. I was a bit wary to open the box because the first and last time I unrolled a roll of fabric from my grandmother’s home it contained the corpse of a mouse.

These are all bits and pieces from priest robes. Not sure if my grandmother cosplayed as a priest or anything. It will forever remain a mystery. The pieces are all very soiled and frayed but I guess I can find something suitable in it. And some cockroaches no doubt. Maybe I should nuke them first.

Dead ends

Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer

The past week I have not been well at all, and did not go out much. I’ve spent several days travelling back and forth between 1473 and 1667 AD, researching the gaps in the lives of two separate persons. There are not many online documents to consult, certainly not before 1600, and what I’ve found is incomplete, eaten by rodents, not accurate or just plain wrong, because people who wrote the information down didn’t double check facts or even thought logically (it seems very unlikely to me that an elderly – illegitimate child and all – priest would have a go at jousting, e.g.). I have ended up in many dead alleys and it’s very frustrating. At the same time definitely getting better at deciphering 17th century manuscripts in Latin.

As for the research on the B, I have finished the chronicles of Jean de Haynin on Christmas day and am now reading Olivier de la Marche’s memoires. It’s a scan of a 19th century edition, in old French that’s not too hard to understand. Halfway through the third volume of four so far.

Art project is also not going according to plan. I have finished the miniatures and am putting the book together. I smeared most of the glue and paint in my hair, made a couple big stains in the book and cut my hand, so far not so good. I just saw some cakes that were better painted on the internet so I am ready to throw the book out of the window. Maybe the Righteous Judges in miniature format was a bit too ambitious.

Some creepy nightmares, my brain warning me to take it easy. It will all fall into place, I’m sure, just not now.

Couple samples of gouache/ink/watercolour paintings:

Nicolas Rolin and a dragon.
More or less copied from a prayer book of the B.

The Rebis


The document ‘Gideon is coming’  with the – pretty bloody – quest for the Rebis is ready. This is a work in progress. I still have a lot of research to do.

I have put a password on it, but the self-hosted WP won’t let me upload a document with a password, so mail me for the document if you’re interested. And sign a NDA, obviously.

Note that our poltergeist has not gone yet. The cat keeps attacking invisible enemies and I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for ages.

Maugis the Bewitched

Site update: Pictures of the Seven Sacraments

I have uploaded the pictures I took of the Seven Sacraments altarpiece by Rogier van der Weyden on a separate page under the menu (see above or on the right). I have not yet added my personal thoughts and background information.

The page can be found here:

V. Documents & Background > The Dukes of Burgundy > The Seven Sacraments by Rogier van der Weyden

Forward to the past

Hospices de Beaune – Picture from the family archives, AD many, many years ago. They were founded by Nicolas Rolin, chancellor to Philip the Good.  The hospices, not our archives, lol.

As you can see I have done a rollback of the site, up till July. I am trying to keep this site as clean as possible and it was getting very cluttered . I have gathered so much information now that I am going to reorganise it in a more structured way as pages,  under Documents & Background, including the relevant pictures. It will be password protected (password available upon request).

As for the art, we’ll see how and where it goes.




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