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For whom the bells toll

Just an overview of June and the beginning of July. It is about a month ago that I last posted something so a few things have happened since then.

2019 is six months old. The Charles the B quest and artwork have been on the back burner for a while because there was a lot of stuff that had to be done for art school (end of year activities such as the open days, plein air painting etc.), real life (clearing out houses, taxes, etc) and extracurricular activities (reenactment). I have been updating IG with about a picture a day but I haven’t updated the pages of this site yet.

1. Open days

There were many adult students and children graduating from the academy this year. Their exhibition took place in a local museum that has been temporarily emptied for renovation works later on. I didn’t take any photographs of the exhibition, though. It was very hot and crowded during the opening weekend so I didn’t bother.

The open days of the other students took place in their own ateliers. I was there for demo painting on Friday night but didn’t achieve a lot (apart from chatting with friends, Romans and countrymen :/).

The painting atelier. It’s usually not so tidy during the year, but full of pupils, easels and workbenches, etc.

On the hottest day of the year so far we had our yearly “Place du Tertre” event where students (volunteers) sit down at their easels and draw or paint people (volunteers and models) in public. Here is a view from my easel on the square where the museum of the exhibition is located. For privacy reasons no pictures of my drawings or the general public.

The building is the old prison. It looks medieval but it’s not that old. It’s a small museum now.

2. Random things

Too hot to hike but there was a guided tour of the church belfry of the Roman + many other ages church a week ago. It doesn’t happen often and it’s something I wanted to do for quite some time.

The church with the bell tower on the left. You enter the tower via a small door at the bottom.
The first floor can be reached via a narrow spiral staircase.
From one of the windows of the tower one can see the gothic church. Building ended in around 1470 but it was never actually finished as it was intended to be at least 2,3 times as large.
The carillon at the top under the vaulted ceiling. Originally it dates from the first quarter of the 18th century. It can be played automatically or manually.
Counterweight of a clock, one floor down in a side room.
The thing that intrigued me the most was the dark room beneath the counterweights. The floor is sand/dust and what you see is a wooden walkway. It was not accessible.
Interior. I took this during a previous visit.

3. Reenactment

Spent the weekend at Hélécine, at the medieval weekend. My grandparents used to live in a neighbouring village, just a couple miles away, so I know the domain quite well. I didn’t camp there, however. Some pictures made with my phone in a rush, so not great quality.

Castle of Hélécine, not medieval.
Tents (not our group)
More tents
Dudes in armour. Red cross so guess Burgundians
Soupçon de bataille
Battle, removed the visitors as much as I could, hence the strange framing

4. The quest

Not much done. Reading the Hermit book about Charles the Bold, the memoirs of Filips van Komen.

WIP – one more digital

Digital doodle, loosely based on the copy of the 1474 Dijon painting of the Bold, in which he looks rather scruffy.

WIP Oktober week 2

Visited another local exhibition yesterday. No photographs this time, however.

Trying to come up with a list of legendary heroes  and mythological figures (excluding characters from modern fiction such as those appearing in Marvel and Hunger Games films) that had something to do with bow and arrows: Antoine, Saint Sebastian, Artemis/Diana, Apollo, Achilles, Cupid, Wilhelm Tell, the white horseman of the Apocalyps, Theresa of Avila. Samael uses a poisoned sword and is not part of this particular fight club.

Second full week of Inktober is almost finished. Here are the seven sketches, hastily and sloppily done with Staedtler pigment liners and Conté coloured pencils:


Sunday: Oedipus and sphinx after a study by Moreau that I hadn’t seen before until yesterday.

And some other stuff, ao: angel with cup of death after Dulac

PIP (paintings in progress): last stages of Orestes after Moreau. Just one more round and then he’ll be stored in the closet for a while:


These Japanese dolls were displayed near Minolta cameras  in my grandfather’s photo shop. They need some restoration work.

Het ouderlijk huis opruimen is een wrange schattenjacht. Er komen voorwerpen tevoorschijn die herinneringen oproepen aan je kindertijd of waarvan je geen idee hebt waar ze vandaan komen. Of duistere geheimen, maar die ben ik nog niet tegengekomen. Toen ik die poppen zag borrelden er meteen ideeën voor bizarre diorama’s op. Alleen ontbreekt het me aan de tijd op het ogenblik.

Old dolls, not sure where they are from. The heads are made of plastic so not very, very old.

Naast het kladwerk in het atelier van de academie zijn we ook naar de expo van Borremans’ recentste werk gegaan. Ik had nog nooit een schilderij van Borremans in het echt gezien dus het was wel interessant om de ware dimensies van de werken te ‘beleven’. Sommige schilderijen waren veel kleiner dan ik dacht, andere juist veel groter. Er waren taferelen met bebloede peuters die met afgehakte ledematen rondliepen, rappers die vreemde dansjes uitvoeren op miniformaat en ingepakte mensen en hoofden. Een beoordeling ga ik hier niet geven, kijk en oordeel zelf maar. De werken vind je op de website van de Zeno X Gallery.

Door al het bovenstaande was er niet veel tijd om thuis te schilderen dus heb ik veel tekeningen gemaakt en daarbij nog per dag een schets in inkt  voor Inktober, snel en los gemaakt. Het is even wennen. Hier de compositiebestanden, een paar tekeningen zijn naar foto en de rest naar oude schilderijen (de vleesspiezen zijn erbij verzonnen):

En nog een Rudolph in potlood als voorbereidend werk:

October, fear of the painted canvas

October is Inktober month. You’re supposed to draw something in ink each day and post it. There are 31 prompts to get you started. Today’s prompt is Swift. Couldn’t think of anything better than a sketch of Jonathan Swift. It’s a caricature that I made very swiftly killed so two birds with one stone etc. I am not sure I will be able to create a drawing every single day but there’s nothing wrong with ambition.

Other work done: cleaned out our garage but also did some more work on Orestes, mostly on the legs.  It was already quite dark when I took the picture so I had to pimp it a little.

The David was going nowhere so I overpainted it with a layer of some leftover Naples yellow paint, then sketched the Cano/Velazquez on it with charcoal, but it got too dirty and messy. I wiped most of the charcoal off and slapped the leftovers from the Orestes palette on the canvas, more or less in the shape of a dead Jesus. I don’t know if this is a good way to start a painting. I also don’t know if it was a good idea in general.  I fear the painted canvas.


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