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Small things

Today I worked on the following:

  • Painted a few sketches
  • Added some details on a Louis XI portrait on paper
  • Wasn’t pleased with Charles’ doublet so made some changes
  • Painted some details on Brexit

Just a couple of sketches in oil paint on brown paper:

Sketch of Matthias Corvinus, king of Hungary in the 15th century

Fantasy portrait of Henry Beaufort, based on miniatures of his family members, wanted it to look miniature like, in which everybody looks more or less the same.


Some exploratory doodles for paintings that may never happen. Just started so not finished in any way.

Oil paint on A4 paper.

Maybe Baudouin of probably Burgundy, after Gossaert
Man with decorative hat somewhat looking like CtB
Angel, very freely after Rembrandt.

As a side note: I am painting another layer of Charles the Bold’s jacket but after looking at a picture of another van der Weyden, the black velvet of the typical Burgundian doublets may have a brown purplish sheen instead of pure black. Not sure if it’s the camera or the paint. I hope I can sneak out of Haring to have another look at Anthony on Tuesday.

This is what I mean (hand of Philippe de Croÿ):

WIP – Update

Currently working on a number of paintings and studies, both at home and at the academy. Not going to post the intermediate work here but here’s a list of the WIP:

  • The copy of the van der Weyden portrait of Charles (not the Bold yet): I want to work on the doublet next week, before I continue with the hair and the hands
  • Oscar: working on the background, not sure what to do with it yet
  • Brexit: working on some details
  • Monthléry: adding more items to the background
  • Agincourt: first layer of the knight
  • Study on paper of the angel’s face of Rembrandt’s Jacob and the angel
  • Study on paper of a portrait of Charles the Bold
  • Study of the face of the Gossaert portrait (see previous post)
  • Small postcard size portrait of Philip the Good for a project.
  • Prepared two new canvases.

Working on an alternative biography of Charles the Bold.

Working on the bibliography for the item mentioned above.


Still busy with Henry/Olivier sketches.

Studying several so-called crypto portraits of Charles the Bold and assembling a bibliography.

Sword training. Still need to create a decent Burgundian/French costume but already found some fairly medieval looking leather boots in the thrift store.

Started work on the miniatures. Started a new sketchbook because my drawing skills need to improve drastically if I want to progress. Meanwhile working on several paintings, none of them finished yet. Here are some samples, while the cat is eating several items on my desk, including one of the magi of the epiphany cake.

Brexit. I got further than this, but no picture of it yet. Lots of reflections unfortunately. Yes, that’s a rat. Rat leaving the sinking ship.

Worked on Oscar, but not on the B at home.

Study/sketch of Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall. I mixed water colour and oil paint which is not something you’re supposed to do and thus the colours are quite flat in the picture. I’m also a bit frustrated by how difficult it is to take decent pictures of paintings and drawings. But no excuses…

Update: Soup

Helios and Phaeton by Nicolas Poussin

The day started well. When we were cleaning up the mouldy rubbish in the cellar of my parents, I stepped in a rusty nail and had to go get an update of my tetanus vaccination.

Yesterday I worked on my Brexit and Oscar paintings but I’m not very happy with the result. At this point, I’m not sure if there is any point in creating more useless art. There is too much of it everywhere already. It’s probably more useful to save stray cats and the bees.

Brexit in progress. It has progressed further than this but I have no picture of it.

I painted some more sketches in oil paint on unprepared brown paper, which is not a very good idea and they will not last. Here is a sample of an unfinished one, not very well photographed.

From an old video

Henry is still on my plate. I think it’s not just the images that caught my eye, but also the theatrical, campy, elegant way LO moves. Unfortunaly that is not something one can capture in a drawing or a painting (e.g. 1.27 and after):

From Henry V (1944 version)

I found another classic movie in the local recycling shop.

I have retrieved Charles from storage, because he’s only half done. Not sure if I should continue or start all over again.

Came across more reference images. Here is one of them:

Another portrait of CtB I came across, also in a book presentation. He looks about 8 or 10.

The quest is going well but I have so many leads to follow I don’t know where to start. Also, I have found a remarkable stone but I don’t know what to do with it yet. It doesn’t prevent stepping in rusty nails, unfortunately.

I can still call my quest the quest of the sword because Charles the Bold had a rather fancy magical sword. It originally belonged to his father Philip, and was customised for him and afterwards looted by the Swiss, I suppose. However, I don’t have to look for this sword, it is not hidden. It is in a museum and quite out of my reach.

What I really need to find, though, is his cold, dead, shrivelled heart.


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