The Rebis


The document ‘Gideon is coming’  with the – pretty bloody – quest for the Rebis is ready. This is a work in progress. I still have a lot of research to do.

I have put a password on it, but the self-hosted WP won’t let me upload a document with a password, so mail me for the document if you’re interested. And sign a NDA, obviously.

Note that our poltergeist has not gone yet. The cat keeps attacking invisible enemies and I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for ages.

Maugis the Bewitched

7 thoughts on “The Rebis

      1. It’s okay, it’s a little known secret, but I mostly read scientific papers from dry academic journals all day. As in, hundreds of pages of minutiae of the medical community, ecological community, and biological community on theories, the practice of medicine and science, and so many statistics your eyes would bleed. I think I can handle something that is sadly lacking in demon dicks and sadomasochism with Satan. Unfortunately most of the time I have to read things much drier than quests for the Holy Grail and resurrecting dead Belgians.

        1. Ha, it’s possible to prove anything with numbers. And besides, it is not crazier to try to trace some bones than trying to find the Just Judges panel, which everyone else seems to be doing.

          1. Hopefully his remains don’t end up like the black sarcophagus recently found in Egypt of decaying bones and sewage. I imagine necromancy will be a bit harder with CtB if he’s stanky. You are on a true quest. Now I wonder what would happen if I met the bones of Mary Magdalene. She is one of my clues. My Charles the Bold, if you will. I traveled Heaven with Jophiel, Hell with Eve, and now I must traverse Judea with Mary Magdalene. Cycle of threes. These memories do not come easily.

          2. Yum, mummy soup! Some people even volunteered to taste it, lol. Wasn’t the Magdalen in Rosslyn chapel?

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