Antoine de Glymes, born in 1500, he has nothing to do with this story but it seems there are no pictures of 15th century Jacques.

Still not very mobile, so read half of the book about the Burgundian mercy letters. I came across a story about a couple that eloped via abduction with consent in the 15th century and that afterwards wrote a letter to the Bold asking for mercy. The couple were from Louvain and as my grandfather’s ancestors were from that area I was interested to find out more about them and see if there was a link. My grandfather’s ancestors were simple craftsmen/women and not many records of them exist. Thus I hadn’t gotten very far in that part of the tree. When I researched the couple mentioned above, I didn’t find a link with them but somehow still accidentally progressed in the tree.

The quest led me to a couple small localities to the south of my own habitat, in the French speaking part of the country. The parish records turned out to contain many gaps so a lot of puzzling and comparing trees and sources was involved. I ran into a dead end with a knight named Jacques of Glymes. Still haven’t figured out which one of the many Jacques of Glymes he is. The first son usually got the name of their father so there are many., including some bastard sons etc. A Jacques whose date of death, location and profession match ‘my’ Jacques was involved with/fought against Charles the Bold so it’s a riddle I’d like to solve. Even without a link Jacques’ story is interesting enough. May do a fictitious portrait of him. And another location to visit as well. It’s not very far.