Somewhere in the Dordogne, forgot where

There are new corona rules, coming into force next Monday, and instead of ‘all is forbidden except what is allowed’, the situation will be reversed, so it’s like nothing happened but you can’t go to a nightclub or swimming in public pools. As a result everything will be almost back to normal, too soon according to many. I’m curious what will happen. Our region seems to have very few infections at the moment, in any case. The rest of the world is still burning so we’ll see what’s coming in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, a large portion of the evenings was taken up by house hunting, well, resumed, to be more precise because Covid intervened. Taxes, however have not been postponed so I still have to do those as well. There is cake or death and then there are Taxes and Mot and those are the two things I really dread. Even dental appointments are more fun and I mean that.

Entertainmentwise we’re done with Colony, watched two episodes of Shannara season two before giving up, and now we’re watching Good Omens. Can’t say there is much of a plot or logic, just a lot of colourful characters.

The past week I have been working on old paintings mostly, but I’m very frustrated with their progress and state as usual so I’ve put a number of them on the discard pile.

The Bold research was mainly concentrated on our own town in 1468. Just trying to verify, add and correct a draft history of our town that was left unfinished in the family archives and with archives, for the record, I do not mean medieval wax sealed charters handwritten in Latin by dukes and kings with quills on parchment, but a huge repository of books, films, photographs, computer files and random documents. such as diaries, letters, and other random things that have been passed on from attic to attic. Been digging around in dusty old boxes with a chance of dead mice for two years but we’re finally done and everything has been stored on new attics for generations to come. Back to the B. No sources were mentioned so I was stuck at first trying to verify the facts. Luckily a lot of these public domain books have been scanned and put on Google, and I found copies of most of them. For the rest I will probably need to make a trip to the town’s archives or the library. Or contact the local archivist if all else fails. In general not many of my ancestors originated from the town I’m currently living in, but one of the local men who fought in the army of the Bold might, with a lot of stress on might and could and perhaps, be an ancestor so I’m checking all of that too. With all this information I am going to create a document which I will add to the pages. Probably under III. The codex is mainly the bibliography and source materials.

While I was working on some paintings I listened to the Burgundians podcast by Bart Van Loo. The episode about the Bold was even more disappointing than the chapter in the book, though. He spends too much time on silly anecdotes and omits a few important facts. On the plus side there are some interesting bits too and the music is very good. Currently I’m listening to Moving Henry, which is about the restoration of the tomb of Henry I in Leuven. Very good podcast (in Dutch).

So that’s about it and now back to work.

This is not Henry, this is Godevaert, or Godfried III. Source: Jan van Boendale, Brabantsche Yeesten. According to the podcast Moving Henry scientists discovered the dukes had a genetic malformation of their skulls,. I see where they got the idea.