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Books & other documents regarding the Duchy of Burgundy during the era of Philip & Charles of Burgundy. Not a complete list, obviously, just the books I have at least scanned through. This is a work in progress and only a small portion of the documentation has been logged so far.

Patron saint of CtB: Saint Georges

1.1 OLD SHIT, available on this site (and SOMEWHERE ELSE TOO PROBABLY) – Click link to view or download:

Note that not everything has been scanned and uploaded yet.


Short description with vignette in Promptuarii iconum insigniorum a seculo hominum subiectis, Rouille, 1581

Annales Ducum seu Principum Brabantiae totiusque Belgii – Franciscus Haraeus – Plantijn (1623)


Histoire Abregée des Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas – Jean Malherbe (1701) – Excerpt

Histoire de Belgique – Théodor Juste (ca. 1850)

Les Belges illustres – Various authors (1844)


XIV. Boeken van de Geldersse Geschiedenissen – Arend van Slichtenhorst (1654) [Dutch]

Maria van Bourgondië – Clippings from a newspaper series, 500 years after her death. Found lodged between the pages of a book about Charles the Bold. [Dutch]



Saint Martin

1.2 Online documents NOT ON THIS SITE (language indicated at the end) – Not Random order

Charles the Bold, Last duke of Burgundy – 1433-1477 – Ruth Putnam  (1908) (available via – EN

History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy – John Foster Kirk (1864) – 3 volumes (available via – EN

The memoirs of Philip de Commines (1877 ed.) – 2 volumes (available via – EN

Louis XI and Charles the Bold – Andrew C.P. Haggard (1913) – EN

The ‘Sancy’ Diamond – William Waldorf Astor (1839) – EN

Mémoires de Philippe de Commynes  (1811 ed.) – 3 volumes (available via – FR

Chroniques des Ducs de Bourgogne – Georges Chastellain (1827 ed.) – FR

Histoire du bon chevalier Messire Iacques de Lalain, freère et compagnon de l’ordre de la Toison d’Or  – Georges Chastellain (1634 ed.) – FR

Le premier (et second) volume de la toison dor (1517) (available via Google books) – FR

Cosmographia – Sebastian Munster – 1544 – DE

Le premier [et second] volume de la mer d’histoire – Charles Langelier – 1542 [French] – Free e-book available via Google Play

1.3 Paper Books (& still under copyright) – in random order

Je soussigné, Charles le Téméraire, duc de Bourgogne – Gaston Compère – [French]

Karel de Stoute – John Bartier [Dutch]

De Bourgondische Nederlanden – Walter Prevenuer/Wim Blockmans [Dutch]

De Bourgondische vorsten 1315-1530 – Edward de Maesschalck – Davidsfonds (2008) [Dutch]

Karel de Stoute (1433-1477), Pracht en Praal in Bourgondië – Various authors – Mercatorfonds (2009) [Dutch]

Louis XI – Paul Murray Kendall – Fayard (1974) [French edition]

Rogier van der Weyden, de Passie van de Meester 1400-1464 – Waanders/Davidsfonds (2009) [Dutch]

Le Siècle des Plantagenêts et des Valois -Kenneth Fowler – [French edition]

De Bourgondische uitdaging – Jean-Philippe Lecat [Dutch edition]

Karel de Stoute  1433-1477 – KBib catalogus 1977 [Dutch]

500 jaar grote raad 1473-1973 – Tentoonstelling van Karel de Stoute tot Keizer Karel – [Dutch]

L’ordre de la Toison d’or de Philippe le Bon à Philippe le Beau (1430-1505) – Kbib – [French]

Isabella van Portugal, Moeder van Karel de Stoute – Mart Janssonius – [Dutch]

Reines de Castille – T. Miller – [French edition]

Marie de Bourgogne – Georges-Henri Dumong – [French]

Isabella van Portugal, Hertogin van Bourgondië – Kbib [Dutch]

Anne de Bretagne – Georges G. Toudouze – [French]


Le Miracle des Loups (1924) – Fiction – FR

Le Miracle des Loups (1961) – Fiction – FR

Quentin Durward (1971) – Fiction – 7 episodes – FR

1.5 Reference pictures

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