The Dukes of Burgundy

A personal list of Documents and references of the history of the Dukes of Burgundy, mostly regarding Charles of Burgundy, but also the rest of the family. Will be updated gradually. There are many, many more documents available, but these are the ones I have actually read or at least leafed through. Please do not make publicly available or distribute any documents under 1 without checking with me first, thanks. A lot of French stuff, I’m afraid. It’s not my mother tongue but they were French dudes so…

1.1 OLD SHIT, available on this site (and SOMEWHERE ELSE TOO PROBABLY) – Click link to view or download:

Note that not everything has been scanned and uploaded yet.


Short description with vignette in Promptuarii iconum insigniorum a seculo hominum subiectis, Rouille, 1581

Annales Ducum seu Principum Brabantiae totiusque Belgii – Franciscus Haraeus – Plantijn (1623)


Histoire Abregée des Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas – Jean Malherbe (1701) – Excerpt

Histoire de Belgique – Théodor Juste (ca. 1850)

Les Belges illustres – Various authors (1844)


XIV. Boeken van de Geldersse Geschiedenissen – Arend van Slichtenhorst (1654) [Dutch]

Maria van Bourgondië – Clippings from a newspaper series, 500 years after her death. Found lodged between the pages of a book about Charles the Bold. [Dutch]



1.2 Online documents NOT ON THIS SITE (language indicated at the end) – Not Random order

Charles the Bold, Last duke of Burgundy – 1433-1477 – Ruth Putnam  (1908) (available via – EN

History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy – John Foster Kirk (1864) – 3 volumes (available via – EN

The memoirs of Philip de Commines (1877 ed.) – 2 volumes (available via – EN

Louis XI and Charles the Bold – Andrew C.P. Haggard (1913) – EN

The ‘Sancy’ Diamond – William Waldorf Astor (1839) – EN

Mémoires de Philippe de Commynes  (1811 ed.) – 3 volumes (available via – FR

Chroniques des Ducs de Bourgogne – Georges Chastellain (1827 ed.) – FR

Histoire du bon chevalier Messire Iacques de Lalain, freère et compagnon de l’ordre de la Toison d’Or  – Georges Chastellain (1634 ed.) – FR

Le premier (et second) volume de la toison dor (1517) (available via Google books) – FR

Cosmographia – Sebastian Munster – 1544 – DE

Le premier [et second] volume de la mer d’histoire – Charles Langelier – 1542 [French] – Free e-book available via Google Play

1.3 Paper Books (& still under copyright) – in random order

Je soussigné, Charles le Téméraire, duc de Bourgogne – Gaston Compère – [French]

Karel de Stoute – John Bartier [Dutch]

De Bourgondische Nederlanden – Walter Prevenuer/Wim Blockmans [Dutch]

De Bourgondische vorsten 1315-1530 – Edward de Maesschalck – Davidsfonds (2008) [Dutch]

Karel de Stoute (1433-1477), Pracht en Praal in Bourgondië – Various authors – Mercatorfonds (2009) [Dutch]

Louis XI – Paul Murray Kendall – Fayard (1974) [French edition]

Rogier van der Weyden, de Passie van de Meester 1400-1464 – Waanders/Davidsfonds (2009) [Dutch]

Le Siècle des Plantagenêts et des Valois -Kenneth Fowler – [French edition]

De Bourgondische uitdaging – Jean-Philippe Lecat [Dutch edition]

Karel de Stoute  1433-1477 – KBib catalogus 1977 [Dutch]

500 jaar grote raad 1473-1973 – Tentoonstelling van Karel de Stoute tot Keizer Karel – [Dutch]

L’ordre de la Toison d’or de Philippe le Bon à Philippe le Beau (1430-1505) – Kbib – [French]

Isabella van Portugal, Moeder van Karel de Stoute – Mart Janssonius – [Dutch]

Reines de Castille – T. Miller – [French edition]

Marie de Bourgogne – Georges-Henri Dumong – [French]

Isabella van Portugal, Hertogin van Bourgondië – Kbib [Dutch]

Anne de Bretagne – Georges G. Toudouze – [French]


Le Miracle des Loups (1924) – Fiction – FR

Le Miracle des Loups (1961) – Fiction – FR

Quentin Durward (1971) – Fiction – 7 episodes – FR

1.5 Reference pictures

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