Wednesday update: The devil is in the detail

Attended two sessions at the local art school, the two paintings I’m working on are almost finished and I can start a new one next week.

I have not been well the past couple days, so here are some bad photographs of rough sketches, none of them finished drawings,

Sketch after a painting of Dürer’s father

Girl with cone hat, after an old painting

Quick sketch after a picture of Vanni (see comments in earlier post)

Impaled at Nancy, testing some ideas for CIII (not sure if I already posted this or not)

The slightly updated pastiche of a Caravaggio

My pc is acting strangely so I made back-ups yesterday evening. I came across some pictures of the stunning Lucifer that is seated below the pulpit of Liège’s cathedral (sculpted in marble by Guillaume Geefs). I took them a few years ago, they’re not so great but I’d like to share one of my favourite details of the sculpture: the bite marks in the apple at his feet.

The side quest is going well, made some more progress. But, today I came across something funny when I was reading an article about the symbolism in the Feast of the pheasant organised by duke Philip, which was apparently one of the most impressive banquets in medieval times (aka how to squander tax money, nothing new under the sun). In the article it said that the Golden Fleece order was based on the myth of Jason and his fleece (not his a tv blanket), but also biblical Gideon who also had a fleece, also not his tv blanket. Philip the Good at squandering money on useless objects also had some Gideon (Gédéon in french, who, btw is a Judge from the bible book Judges, hey, doesn’t that ring a bell?) tapestries made. This rung another bell. In July, about a month or six weeks before this side quest popped up, we visited Albi, walked through the town and went down to the river, following a walking trail. There was a notice board, partially hidden by a bush, announcing works on the trail. Somebody had doodled a bird and some words on it. I took a picture of it because I thought it was funny, though I had no idea what it meant:

In hindsight it was kind of prophetic, ha ha.


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