Wednesday update

Just a quick midweek update as I won’t have time on Sunday.

Art school: almost finished the portrait I started last year. Just need to add some finishing touches and a glaze in a few months time. Not entirely happy with it, there is much room for improvement, but, hey, that’s what art school is for. Started something new, a more contemporary triptych. We’re not supposed to share pictures of our work in the atelier so no pictures of it, sorry (or thank heavens for that).

I have uploaded some pictures of The Flagellation of Christ by Caravaggio and Michaelina’s paintings (Sanguine and MAS exhibitions – see earlier post) on separate pages. They are listed in the Expo menu. For the record, I am not going to upload pictures of every exhibition or museum I visit in the menu, just the ones that stood out.

Drew another sketch/study of Charles (It’s the last item under WIP>Burgundia). Not just there yet. Maybe just one more before wasting a panel. I could just trace or project the image, but hey, where is the fun in that? Three paintings in rotation per location is enough so no other paintings in progress than the ones already mentioned before.

And now I leave you with a medieval picture of Jason and Medea that I found on Wikimedia Commons while I was looking for something cheerful and uplifting:


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