WIP – July 2017

Three paintings in progress, all very free copies of old paintings, just to practise. I started these before the summer break, but due to illness and death of my father in July I haven’t been able to complete them yet. I am going to finish them in real oil paint and for health reasons will be using a supposedly safe thinner/cleaner. I have tested the product as a cleaner and it works well. I have no idea how well it will work as a thinner. I’ll just have to try.

Angel, after a follower of Caravaggio. Base drawing on a 40×60 (I think) canvas with sepia pencil.

Orestes, after Gustave Moreau. First layer in Artisan on a 40×60 canvas. Will continue in real oil. Will change the background from the original.

David with the head of Goliath, after Caravaggio. It’s pretty bad and messed up at the moment. Couldn’t get the face right. Started in Artisan, will continue in real oil.

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