Visited another local exhibition yesterday. No photographs this time, however.

Trying to come up with a list of legendary heroes  and mythological figures (excluding characters from modern fiction such as those appearing in Marvel and Hunger Games films) that had something to do with bow and arrows: Antoine, Saint Sebastian, Artemis/Diana, Apollo, Achilles, Cupid, Wilhelm Tell, the white horseman of the Apocalyps, Theresa of Avila. Samael uses a poisoned sword and is not part of this particular fight club.

Second full week of Inktober is almost finished. Here are the seven sketches, hastily and sloppily done with Staedtler pigment liners and Conté coloured pencils:


Sunday: Oedipus and sphinx after a study by Moreau that I hadn’t seen before until yesterday.

And some other stuff, ao: angel with cup of death after Dulac

PIP (paintings in progress): last stages of Orestes after Moreau. Just one more round and then he’ll be stored in the closet for a while: