WIP – The battle of Ilion

The battle of Ilion WIP. Third painting in the Tibi Soli series.

This is how messy my first layers always look. I am painting over the first layer of something I changed my mind about.

Also I am learning as I go to paint this weirdly disproportioned, somewhat comical 1500ish people and horses.

I am a big fan of Loyset Liédet. Technically, he wasn’t the best illustrator but his drawings are always very dynamic.

This is supposed to be serious but it’s hilarious.

Also by Liédet I believe. Look at those hats. The one on the right looks like a 15th century version of a hipster. And the biggest oddity of all: why is that man in the front wearing two different shoes? And there is even a clock in the background.

5 thoughts on “WIP – The battle of Ilion

  1. Ooo, I love your sketch studies for Tibi Soli. This will end up spectacular. I love your art!

      1. Lol girl I mean the earlier sketch studies that were the basis of this painting, plus this awesome painting to boot! Reams of talent indeed.

          1. Burgundy is my favorite color and also the color of Samael’s false eyes when they are not black holes of void and emoness.

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