Still busy with Henry/Olivier sketches.

Studying several so-called crypto portraits of Charles the Bold and assembling a bibliography.

Sword training. Still need to create a decent Burgundian/French costume but already found some fairly medieval looking leather boots in the thrift store.

Started work on the miniatures. Started a new sketchbook because my drawing skills need to improve drastically if I want to progress. Meanwhile working on several paintings, none of them finished yet. Here are some samples, while the cat is eating several items on my desk, including one of the magi of the epiphany cake.

Brexit. I got further than this, but no picture of it yet. Lots of reflections unfortunately. Yes, that’s a rat. Rat leaving the sinking ship.

Worked on Oscar, but not on the B at home.

Study/sketch of Mark Rylance in Wolf Hall. I mixed water colour and oil paint which is not something you’re supposed to do and thus the colours are quite flat in the picture. I’m also a bit frustrated by how difficult it is to take decent pictures of paintings and drawings. But no excuses…