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May update

I realise the site has not been updated often the past few months. Currently I am quite busy with a deadline coming up next month. I plan to post some updates after that. See you soon.

Bishop beats Knight – update

The document regarding Jean Rolin VI has been updated. This can be found on the pages (see menu top of page).

The page is password protected. Contact me for the password if you’d like to read the article.


It has been a while since I posted anything Burgundian related, so here is a small recap of what has been keeping me busy for the past three years (apart from painting and other non-Burgundian activities).

  1. Jean Rolin: I am trying to write a short biography of Jean Rolin, grandson of Nicolas Rolin. There is a partial biography on Wikipedia but I am busy verifying and correcting facts. The more I discover the bigger the mystery becomes. The covid restrictions have made in depth research rather difficult. There is already a draft version on the relevant page. Contact me for the password in case you are interested.
  2. The portrait of Charles the Bold: As I want to paint a more realistic portrait of Charles the Bold based on the portrait by Rogier van der Weyden I have tried to gather more information from the biographies. I have already added a draft version on the relevant page. This document is not protected by a password.
  3. The character of Charles the Bold: What brings one of the richest and most powerful men of the time to commit virtual suicide on the battlefield? I got interested in this after I refreshed my memory about his life before starting on the portrait.
  4. The Battle of Nancy: There are several versions of the way Charles the Bold died during the battle of Nancy. I have been trying to separate truth from legend. It’s not easy after almost 550 years.
  5. The corpse: There are no bones in the tomb of Charles the Bold in the Church of Our Lady at Bruges. It is even rumoured that the bones never made it to Bruges. I am trying to reconstruct the story of the burial and the journey of the bones.
  6. The Master of Moulins: I am trying to find links between the Master of Moulins/Jean Hey and Hugo van der Goes and other artists at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century.
  7. Antoine the Bastard of Burgundy: Antoine, Charles illegitimate half-brother was as adventurous as that of Charles. He travelled to farther places and was often at his brother’s side during the major battles. Unfortunately there are no extensive biographies of Antoine, as far as I know.
  8. Swords & Sorcery: A number of well-know relics such as the Holy Blood and the Shroud of Turin played a role in the Burgundian history, as well as other relics I am researching.
  9. The signifcant others: I am researching Charles the Bold’s companions, male and female, and try to find out how much influence they had on him.
  10. Alchemy: I am investigating the claims that Jan van Eyck was an alchemist. What seemed like a somewhat ridiculous and speculative hypothesis has turned into quite an interesting investigation down some very dark corridors.
  11. Burgundian Booty: Charles the Bold lost a large amount of very valuable items. I am investigation the interesting items such as his lucky diamond and his famous yellow hat and try to find how many of them survived.
  12. Anecdotes: I am collecting a number of amusing or interesting anecdotes about Charles the Bold. This requires a lot of ploughing through old books.

Apart from the intellectual work mentioned above, I am doing some physical research, i.e. I try to visit battlefields and other places that are Burgundian related. I stick mostly to Charles the Bold’s years, otherwise it is too much work. With Covid this has almost come to a standstill, especially with a travel ban looming over our heads.

To be continued.

Weekly update

The plan was to update this site with the newest research starting from the first week of January, but before I could do that I needed to backup my pc as it has been acting up, and sort through thousands of files. That took somewhat longer than expected, especially as I took a break over the Christmas period. Today I am just going to give a little summary of ongoing activity.

Burgundian research

Burgundian research is going quite well. I have managed to find e-versions of a number of very interesting old books containing exactly the information I was looking for. Updates will be added here over time. Short versions and additional pictures can be found on my Instagram.


With the Covid restrictions this is suspended indefinitely. I don’t think a lot will happen this year. I expect we will be locked up even more in the coming weeks and months. It’s all getting very tedious and depressing.

House hunting

Not going well. With all the Covid restictions it is hard to find anything suitable. Travel over the border is getting more and more complicated. We are trying to get a viewing of a couple houses but do not have much hope of progessing with this soon. Our hopes were to have it round by now but it will be good if it’s before summer. It would be handy to have a larger workspace/studio when I’m done with my classes in June.


Working on my final project for my last year. Again, motivation is very low because classes keep getting suspended, with probably another shutdown soon. I used not to mind working at home, but now it’s the other way round. Being shut in the house almost 24/7, especially in winter, when it’s cold in most of the house and with not much daylight, sucks up the little energy I have left.

I am working on a series of paintings based on a set of medieval paintings but I can’t show any of it here. Here are a couple other paintings I amost finished yesterday. One is based on an old home movie, the other on a painting by Diego Velazquez. They were painted over old paintings and not intended as studies/exercises.

Last post of 2020

One small hour to go and then this wretched year is over.

See you in 2021.


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