August 2018 – Michaelina

These pictures were taken at the exhibition “Michaelina” at the MAS museum in Antwerp, summer 2018. This was an interesting exhibition with works by Michaelina Wautier (1617-1689) and some people who are connected with here. Pictures were taken with my phone so they’re not the best quality.

This fairly small painting was my favourite. The light on the boy’s face and the fabric of his clothes are amazing:

I still have to see the first great Annunciation painting (this one isn’t one either). In most cases the angel Gabriel looks like a very drunk husband returning home from a pub crawl in the middle of the night, with messy hair in a state of undress, trying to appease a disapproving Mary. Even Leonardo’s Gabriel looks particularly shady.

The next painting oozes coronay disease and cirrhosis, tbh:



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