On my current (achievable, so nothing like a prayer book manuscript, a signed and sealed letter or original Golden Fleece documents) Burgundian book/document wish list:

Objectif Ducs – comic that has Burgundians and people riding boars. Not sure if it is available in the local shops. Can’t drive all the way to Dijon the coming few weeks for this :/. Probably have to order it online.
Which reminds me, I’m adding a better background to Charles riding the boar.

This really beautifully illustrated vintage book about my virtual boss and the B’s enemy, Louys XI. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s quite pricey. There is a scanned copy on BnF, however, so you can easily read it online:

Going by the messy hair and the fancy outfit, the man in the gold armour must be Charles. Louis was usually dressed in rags.

And this rather intriguing and slightly hilarious looking book/comic?: Le grand amour de Charles le Téméraire. Not sure if they mean by “amour” fighting or Henry.

Image from livre.com