The portrait of Laurent Froiment, by Rogier van der Weyden. The picture is grainy because it was a dark and stormy day when I took this picture, and these portraits are already quite dark to start with. You can just about see Otto’s head in the background (see earlier post).

Have been reading about movements and connections between the Primitives this morning. Hugo stayed in the Roo(d)klooster, who were Augustinians. The family library contained a number of books about the Augustinian order and its history, might be something interesting in them, but they’re in storage and I’m not able to get to them right now. That will have to wait until after lockdown. In 2068 or something.

I have also been reading a bit more about the upper left panel of the last supper by Dieric Bouts and who’s in it:

Even with the limited subject I’m researching and the amount of knowledge I already absorbed and paintings I’ve seen since my childhood, I realised I still know next to nothing about it all. But what’s the point of all this research? What’s the future going to be like? Building up immunity after infection is unlikely, vaccines are unlikely.

Guess we’re all doomed.

This is how going out to buy bread feels like.

Anyway, got to go paint now.