Henry Arthur Payne – Plucking the red and the white rose… (1910)

It’s quite a good day to talk about a man whose last name is Beaufort, with the storm raging around us. Here are some random facts, mostly from the internet and I haven’t yet verified them, so they could be wrong. In that case I’ll correct them later on.

Henry Beaufort (26 January 1436 – 15 May 1464), 3rd Duke of Somerset, was a good friend of Charles the Bold.  As a side note, he was also related to Charles the Bold via John of Gaunt. They had some very pleasant meetings together and Charles did Henry many favours. So much in fact, that I found descriptions of their relationship ranging from very good friends to Charles being madly in love with him. I have no idea if the feelings were mutual, but Henry had a mistress and a son, named Charles. Yeah, well,… shit happens, I guess.

According to Wikipedia Georges Chastellain described him as ”  “un très grand seigneur et un des plus beaulx josnes chevaliers qui fust au royaume anglais” i.e being a very great gentleman and one of the most handsome young knights in England. I haven’t found this passage in Chastellain yet but he has written many, many words.

Unfortunately I can’t find any portraits of Henry, just of his father and his younger brother Edmund who was also treated favourably by Charles the Bold. I suppose Henry would have looked a bit like them. Here they are:

Edmund, Henry’s father, on the left
Edmund the brother, in a most unfortunate position

The story doesn’t end with a ‘they lived long and happily ever after because Henry got beheaded when he was 28 years old and Edmund in 1471 when he was in his early thirties.

I wonder if there’s a painting in this?